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Diet passes controversial bill to revise immigration law


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Great news! Other countries should follow suit.

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No human is illegal.

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So anyway it’s nice to see a country that knows the difference between illegal and legal immigration.

And that knows that asylum isn’t what you claim after you are caught illegal entering and don’t want to go back to your own country.

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Some water always comes, that’s normal and can’t be helped, but if the dam breaks…You can even currently watch and get an imagination on TV what happens then. And that’s exactly the same here on this topic, some countries have a dam and smaller problems while others don’t have a dam anymore and face very severe and existence threatening problems.

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So people who were legally approved to enter Japan before they arrived and people who have a legal, unexpired right to be here are still being held in immigration detention anyway?

if so, that concerns me.

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Come on Japan....have a heart and admit more genuine refugees.

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what is "controversial" with that?

GOOD MOVE send them out ASAP

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There are many dreadful nations from which any of us would seek to escape, were we there. But even relatively just, peaceful, and prosperous nations cannot absorb an endless supply of refugees. And let us not forget that those who manage to flee tend to be the relatively privileged. I expressed this same view, with reference to the irresponsible and cynical “policy” in America, and had my comment removed. The excuse? Off topic. No. Not politically correct. I speak as a Japanese citizen…

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There is the space station, many countrys efforts and our best so far.

now there are different efforts, billionaires, single countries and falling into yesterday places.

please come back

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As of the end of last year, 4,233 foreign nationals had refused to return home despite being ordered to do so, according to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

This I totally do not get. If an order to be deported is handed down, and most importantly here, their appeals process has been finalized or is finished, with no further chance of appeal, why are they still here?

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But even relatively just, peaceful, and prosperous nations cannot absorb an endless supply of refugees. 

Pray tell, just what number is ok with you for Japan? If you call 20 or 30 an "endless supply" you really should rethink what this is all about.

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It's better, if not best to accept refugee only for a year and if the guy want to stay more he must pass N3 to extend two years and N2 for two more years if wants more, then the total sum gets 5 years and if the guy wants to stay more than that just apply for permanent resident, I think this is the fairest way

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Tough call, I hope what ever this law does will be fair for everyone.

only one problem, those who are born in Japan are JAPANESE LIKE or NOT, deporting them is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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The government does not pay for the cost of a flight for the deportee, so if they refuse, or can't pay, then they spend their time in detention centers. Other countries pay for the flight.

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I'm a refugee. Yup. An economic refugee. My country was not giving me the goodies the American Dream promised, so I ditched. Decades later I am a success in my academic field. There is no real difference between me and the refugee who is disqualified from coming or being kicked.

A lot of my ethnic sisters and brothers came to my country when were dead broke. They could have been kicked out of America like refugees in Japan. My dead broke progenitors built the Brooklyn Bridge, vastly improved the school system, give us the weekend and, gosh, Christmas. And there is more.

People who might be useful to tJapan's future are on the verge of being kicked of Japan. Japanese farming is a joke. The Japanese are not having babies. The schooling system in second rate and Japanese universities are moronic. Immigrants have changed nations for the better. They can do this for Japan.

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Tough call, I hope what ever this law does will be fair for everyone.

> only one problem, those who are born in Japan are JAPANESE LIKE or NOT, deporting them is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Unlike in the US, children born in Japan are only Japanese if there is at least one Japanese parent.

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I was given another visa, had a successful business but choose to leave the most racist country in the world.

it had become unbearable to jump through the hoops. Of course those married to a Japanese can avoid many obstacles.

the intolerance against foreigners will only grow

-4 ( +9 / -13 )

The correct solution is to setup a way to detect fake applications - like some do to get work here.

Some asylum seekers have valid reasons, but they’re going to be swept away with the rest.

Japan chose to punish both the good and bad ones altogether under one rule. Oh, the collective karma of being born on the other side of the tracks.

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Japan lags far behind the United States and several European countries that typically accept more than 10,000 asylum seekers annually. In 2022, the Asian nation gave refugee status to 202 people, including 147 from Afghanistan.

The bill is about handling those who have been rejected.

Japan accepted 202 in one year. Why would anyone choose to go to Japan? 2.7 million people entered the US illegally ("undocumented immigrants") last year. Go there.

Put the rejected applicants on standby for flights to the US or Europe. The seats would be empty anyway, so it costs the airlines nothing but a bag of peanuts or a meal that would have been thrown out anyway.

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How can any sensible person be against this law? It’s a good law.

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