Japanese doctor remembered one year after killing in Afghanistan


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I'm not sure what the purpose of these memorial articles are that one finds so often in the Japanese media. All this info is old, reported a year ago.

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I think it is great they are remembering this man. Nakamura-sensei has likely done more humanitarian work than all of us posting on this website will do in our lifetimes. He has directly impacted people in a very positive way. He was a great man.

We constantly get stories about actors, politicians, etc. who do very little to truly help others. I would much rather read about people like Nakamura-sensei.

Thanks Japan Today for posting this article of a man who truly deserves to be remembered and honored.

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Remember the good doctor but also don’t forget the backward, ignorant scum that killed him.

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Nakamura-sensei should be awarded the Nobel Peace prize posthumously. I am glad the media continue to tell his great story.


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He was an outstanding human being worthy of rememberance. Way more than an ex PM. He lived his live in a way that made an impact on many not the few.

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I'm not sure what the purpose of these memorial articles are that one finds so often in the Japanese media. All this info is old, reported a year ago.

I dunno, maybe because he was a worthy human being who used his time to try and do something meaningful for a whole lot of other people in order to try and improve the way they live, and paid for it with his life?

You could always go elsewhere and help celebrate Britney Spears's birthday, if you prefer. It was a couple of days ago, but I'm sure it'd be OK.

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Thanx JT for this article. He is a true hero and his life should be in Japanese school textbooks.

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What a great doctor and what an awful way to die. Interesting he had been doing this since the time of the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan. He survived so much and one would think the worst was behind him. But alas no. I hope his eternal reward is great.

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Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. For representing Japan overseas for so many years.

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Not possible to put into words what this man saw, understood, experienced, visualized and encouraged people to create, in a virtual and near-impossible desert. An inspiration to all and more than worthy of any humanitarian prize on the earth today. Luckily there are a couple of very good documentaries about his unstinting work and sacrifice. RIP

Hoping that one day the criminals will be caught, and that they will realize what they have done.

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The common assumption is that Taliban or Islamic State murdered him because they do not want an independent, self-sufficient Afghan population helped by an outsider rather than them or the local imams. It is just as possible the local warlords or police or government officials killed him because he didn't pay protection money to them in the deeply corrupt society there. I lean towards this theory because "None of those involved in the killings has been caught" - if they thought it was the Taliban, they would have found some low-level gunman and coerced a confession out of him to solve the case.

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