Japanese doctor who practiced until months before his death dies at 105


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Ha, sounds like people here could learn a lot from this guy about how to live life.

Not exist, but live.

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Good on him but if I live to 105, it will mean I spent my last 45 years being retired.

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One in the eye for all those who want to denigrate "old" people. Good on him!

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Otsukaresama! A well-deserved rest for this man.

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Confusing title...

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Good on him but if I live to 105, it will mean I spent my last 45 years being retired.

I think that part of his trick for living to 105 was that he didn't retire. If you plan to or already have retired at age 60, it may be best to find a "second career" to keep your mind, body, and spirit occupied, (and to keep your bank balance tenable).

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Work to live or live to work to each his own

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Dr Hinohara was a real treasure and inspiration. I remember seeing him on Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's program when he was in his late 90s or so, saying how he was still full of curiosity and there were still so many things he wanted to try doing. And then after that from time to time in the news I'd see how he had enjoyed accomplishing yet another of those goals.

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Yeah....I think I would prefer a younger doctor who knows the latest techniques and medicines.

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In his many years this Dr kept on learning and updating his practices better than most to survive and show his way of living keeps ones living and able to look after them selves longer ,

So congratulations Pop and my Deepest sympathies to the Wider Family and his patients of past

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This obit leaves out much about Dr. Hinohara. I hope the Japan Today will find further good things to report. A regular writer of small articles in the ASAHI Newspaper, he revealed (for example) that a childhood brush with illness led to his vocation as an MD. The special equipment of St Luke's is said to have been chosen by him, including oxygen tubes in an interior hall for refuge in disasters. He is famous world-wide where he traveled even late in his life (after age 100 or more). Please fill in the blanks!!!

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I too believe much has been left out of this article. He is not only a legend in Japan...but he has completely changed the game of health care throughout Asia!!! Thanks to his technology ...Asia (MJ Life company he worked closely with has branches in HK, Malaysia, China) is going in the right direction in terms of health care. His health check system (at St.Luke's) was adopted by a private company in Taiwan, MJ Life. They modified the system, improved it and made it faster with the help and probably professional advice of Dr. Hinohara. Results that used to take up to weeks to come come back in a matter of hours! Really amazing stuff - I get my health check annually and am grateful for the amazing comprehensive technology. He worked closely with healthcare professionals to see all this happen. a man who saved lives with the best kind of healthcare: preventative healthcare.

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Thank you Dr.Hinohara for your contribution to Japan and to humanity as a whole. May you be in a better place now.

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One in the eye for all those who want to denigrate "old" people. Good on him!

I think we all know your definition of "denigrate" when it comes to aging drivers.

Yeah! One in the eye for all those crybabies who lament the running over of innocents by glassy-eyed 90 year-olds.

You go girl!

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I would prefer a younger doctor...

It's not a bad idea to visit an old doctor like him who knows how to live healthy for more than 100 years.

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That humble look even knowing a lot! Sad to lose one like him! RIP!

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