Japan donates $5 mil to U.S. for tsunami debris cleanup


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The US and other countries involved need to do the right thing and give this money back.

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Dollar buying weakened Yen (!)

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The US and other countries involved need to do the right thing and give this money back.

I think it's more complicated than that, though Japan's move is appreciated. The US Federal government needs to do more as well. The states having to deal with the debris are not being supported sufficiently by the US Federal Government, and are at a loss as to what they can do with no resources or manpower for the cleanup, so proper cleanup is not occurring. This is part of the problem.

Beyond that, though is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (see wikipedia), which everyone needs to work at cleaning up, since many nations helped create it, even before the tsunami. I imagine Japan just wants to do its share to help in worldwide problems.

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What a joke , japan is struggling to avoid another recession, with national foreign debt mounting each man woman and child equivalent to $4000 owed and being sleezed by USA to pay this pathetic ... What next should Indonesia pay for the devastation by their tsunami or even Krakatoa? what about mt St. Helens should nt. USA pay for crop failure in other countries from that event estimated at ...$100' million (see Dr Evil ) USA should pay every island they have ruined in the pacific before they ask for help money from abroad...just stupid...

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How will the debris be disposed of?! Important consideration.

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subyyaki: "The US and other countries involved need to do the right thing and give this money back."

I would say the right thing is giving the money -- while of course no one can prevent such natural disasters, the US and Canada and going to have to spend an INCREDIBLE amount of money cleaning up Japanese garbage. Now, one thing they COULD do instead of giving money is donate the resources to help with the work -- it would be more grassroots and beneficial to most if not all involved.

dokshinshatcho: No one is "sleezing" Japan into giving the money. To their credit they are doing it knowing they share a responsibility in cleaning it up. I'd say it's relief money FAR better spent than on whaling, as one example of how the money is being wrongly used. As for Indonesia paying money for their tsunami, did record amounts of trash wash up on other shores that you know of?

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Thanks Japan, I love you! This is the right thing to do. But maybe not enough. It is your garbage after all. Indonesia's case is different. You do not expect a poor country to contribute in the same amount as that of a rich country. If I am well off, why would I expect my unemployed brother to provide the same amount for my parent's funeral as what I could afford?

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This is a generous offer but the US should politely decline to accept it. The debris is a result of a natural disaster and it is not Japan's fault that it is floating towards the US. There are a lot of people still suffering from the affects of the tsunami and the money should be going to help those people rebuild.

Gary Maxwell Lynnwood, Washington U.S.A.

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Totally agree with returning was a disaster, not intentional or negligent dumping. Perhaps the money could be donated to children's charities in Tohoku.

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A very nice gesture, but a bit too much. Japan is not rich anymore. Don't believe me? Visit Okinawa!

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5 mil is not enough and btw its not called donation...more like reparation

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5 million dollars is great, how about resuming the beef imports??

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My home state of Oregon is getting ready to deal with it.

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I'm actually disappointed with this gesture. The debris isn't Japan's fault. It was an act of nature that caused the deaths of around 20,000 people and severely impacted countless communities up and down the coast.

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Wow, how long have the JT writers been waiting to use the words "flotsam and jetsam"?

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