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Gov't eases limits on attendance at large events as virus cases fall


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If only the Tokyo Olympics were held a few months later in autumn like so many JT commenters proposed. We could have had comfortable sunny afternoon highs around 20 C, full venues, greater domestic economic activity, and even marathons through Tokyo — still without visiting foreign spectators, but a much more positive experience throughout.

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Fake numbers and incorrect decisions go hand in hand.

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So 20,000 untested people can gather together in a stadium and go home happily, but a fully vaccinated returnee with two negative pcr tests needs to stay home 10 days and take a third pcr test at the end to be free. As the article says, the difference must be the accrued risk of shouting: definitely anyone going through the 2 hours, 15 control stations, 60+ pages and 19 hankos procedures to re-enter the country will feel like shouting loud…

As a reminder, 20,000 is the number of people entering Japan…in a month! But they are dangerous huuuu

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Vaccines work! Way to go Japan!

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Stadiums in the U.S. have been packed from six months ago, with few masks, and no indication of problems. I don't think COVID is spreading in stadiums. Hopefully this gives authorities a little more comfort.

Louis- travel quarantine may soon be three days according to Nikkei.

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How about easing the burden on fully vaccinated returning residents by not making them self isolate?

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Yes travel quarantine for vaccinated might be reduced to 3 days soon - for business trips and students, if their company / school takes responsibility…Maybe also valid for returning residents. Let’s see how twisted the rule will be, and in the meantime enjoy football again. I want to be optimistic and see the stadium half full, not half empty.

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