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Emperor, empress to visit quake-hit Noto Peninsula in March


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Why a CEO of a company don't go visit a worker that suffer and accident inmediatly?

Why the President of a country (any country) doesn't go inmediatly to a desaster zone?

Why a person doesn't go inmediatly to visit a friend/family that has suffered some sort of loss or injury?

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After the Aberfan disaster in South Wales where a school was buried by a landslip of mining waste. 144 people were killed included in that number were 114 children. Our Queens husband Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh visited the very next day. The Queen under advice visited 8 days later, in hindsight she is said to have bitterly regretted the delay.

Without wanting to appear rude why hasn't the Emperor and Empress been to convey their support and sympathy to the people of the affected area. Or did they have a lot on that they couldn't put off for a couple of days.

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What's the rush?

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And why not now?

Too busy?

I doubt that.

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