Japan enacts law allowing private firms to operate water services


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Personally speaking I think the local municipalities are running in red ink because of overall mismanagement and that they should "ristora" (FIRE) all the dead wood that work in "make work" types of positions and it would instantly fix their problems with red ink!

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Private companies are doing their job well, and price of water is not expensive, about 4 euros per m3.

Public management should be restored if private management is being too greedy.

Obviously cutting deadwood is a good necessary point, often impossible to make due to political habits.

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Standard neoliberal practice, selling off public services and assets to private interests. Rent-seeking to follow.

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This should be resisted. Natural monopolies should not be private hands. Capitalism only works when there is competition.

There are parts of the US where it is illegal to collect rainwater that lands on your property. That is where this leads.

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This is a scary development. I dont have a good feeling about this. Water, a life necessity should not be the hands of just anyone, especially here with fraud being rampant.

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Our water bills will be getting more expensive for sure and investment in infrastructure will be cut to pay dividends. There are some essential services that I firmly believe should be government run to keep them affordable and water is one of them. Water privatization has worked out very badly in the UK unfortunately, so I really can't see this as a good thing.

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Privatisation of water has not ever worked, but when the infrastructure is in need of 130 years of maintenance someone has seriously dropped the ball. No water no life. Government could create water stations and children could take containers to fill. Just like the old days, good times. Have a happy Premiun Friday everyone.

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Privatisation of public services is NEVER good. This administration seems adamant to destroy this country.

Expect new problems with water in the near future like Flint Michigan or Minamata in Kumamoto.

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Vice prime minister Asou had dogmatically promised privatization of all water service of Japan.

Japanese Abe government who worships "Neoliberalism" thrusts privatization of water service hastily despite many failure in other countries.

Opposition parties revealed "intimacy" between cabinet and ”Water Majors” such as Veoria and Suez.

But,about half of Japanese mainstream media still have no interest about even deterioration of water quality that privatization had caused in the world,and many Japanese people do not notice seriousness of this issue yet.

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Not agree private firm’s operations.

High quality Water is the essential lifeline for citizens. Strongly declare keep Water National administration, even if some regions are in deficit, high using cost.

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They could easily pay for it by reducing the massive defense budget increases and cutting the amakudari staff that just sit and drink coffee at City Halls. But nope. This is easier .

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Many Japanese news shows have spent many time to report Topics of Entertainment or Sports than more important issues such as Foreign Workers and Water supply.

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I wonder if the UK model should be used as an example of how not, to do things ?

The US model, is clearly ... one to be avoided ( look at the recent Led poisoning issue )

I wonder if anywhere has a good role model ? Well, if Japan messed it up too - then there's clearly no hope for anyone.

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Veolia is a good company to technically develop water recycling on the total length of water cycle.

That is why it is developing in all other countries. There is no rip off in France from them in particular.

Do you want good management to avoid pollution/waste (yes pipes leak in the long term...) or just expect the pipes to remain the same for another 100 years ?

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