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Japan enacts revised law for swift removal of defamatory online posts


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So one big safe space. Prison time for being negative?

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Totalitarianism in progress hidden behind victimhood.

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I guess the governments, political parties, could use this to silence any criticism based on a person's right to have an opinion. EG. I think some politicians are crooks. Or the emperor is a waste of our taxpayer's money. Whether we agree or not, who is going to decide what is opinion and what is defamatory? The "mods". We could have posted stuff about "Johnnys" being a child molester only for them the use their power, fame, and influence to get any accusations taken down. How about business reviews? it takes one shop to shout defamation, and then the lawyers get involved.

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too broad and will lead to wide censorship far beyond "defamatory posts".

this is the actual intention, of course.

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Not Orwellian at all....

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Sometimes I forget that I live in a country that does not guarantee or encourage free speech. It is no wonder if that large foreign companies are leaving this country and moving their global business to countries that allow them to do business. Here, the nail that sticks up always gets pounded down.

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Wonder if Musk will argue about this and start calling Japanese politicians names as he did with Australia when they wanted posts removed?

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It will take effect within a year.

Alot can happen 'within a year'

Why dithering ?

Get it done immediately !

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Totalitarianism in progress hidden behind victimhood.

Well said ol' chap !

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I like Japan but I’m definitely wondering if it’s time to “get out while I can”. Any wealth of accumulated there is really going down the toilet and this is just more fuel for the tyre fire.

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They have no control of American content,as long as the server not located in Japan, Japanese company that are registered in the US can be be sued in America and more people should do it

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Wonder how this will impact “the internet archive” ?

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1984 eat your heart out. If you cant handle a few online comments you arent grown up enougy to use the internet.

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who will decide what is and what is not "deflamatory" post?

some new censor like we have in this forum?

against japanese constitution right of freedom of speech?

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It starts of with small censorship, then it broadens and then in the years to come as we look back we realize how much has been taken away without even noticing it. I am all against online bullying, but if for example we think someone is a …….(blah blah) a racist, a nazi, holocaust denier, anti semitic, when can we could we call Johnny a peadophile. Can a victim put something out there on the net, in an attempt to raise awareness because the police haven’t got enough to charge or convict someone, but it’s true in the eyes of the victim. Can we call the emperor an ass? Or will be be charged with defamation not unlike the laws in Thailand? As someone once said “we are only one law away from losing our freedom”. And if there are no charges regarding defamation, who will be that judge and jury?

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how can anyone have an opinion without knowing the criteria used defining defamation and the criteria for removal?

they can’t by reading this article.

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I am all against online bullying, but if for example we think someone is a …….(blah blah) a racist, a nazi, holocaust denier, anti semitic, when can we could we call Johnny a peadophile. 

It is both: to strengthen measures to prevent and to censor free speech. You can be generous and say it leads to the censorship of free speech but it is very well the former.

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This is not confined to Japan.

Several countries esp the English speaking countries seem to be acting in unison to impose censorship.

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As another poster mentioned the Ocean Dome closed 16 years ago. The attraction was massive but too ambitious. It cost too much to run and operated at a loss.

But the Miyazaki area has been booming since 3/11 with many families relocating and enjoying the mild weather and low costs. Aoshima particularly has developed quite a bit recently and attracts visitors from all over Japan and Asia.

This was a wise purchase by the Fortress group as the area will continue to attract more people.

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So I guess for another year I can still say how dumb these politicians are for suppressing the will of the people's rights for freedom of expression. Oh, if you don't like what I'm saying, it is better to delete me........

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Sometimes I forget that I live in a country that does not guarantee or encourage free speech.

I don't think any country guarantees free speech. We can express opinions. (Kishida is a good/bad politician.) We can't express defamatory remarks that are unsubstantiated. (Kishida eats babies for breakfast.)

Is this not the norm in most countries? The problem is with social media platforms where I guess it's difficult to monitor the volume of posts.

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I’m Always amazed that people think that this is somehow a good idea and in the long run it will only benefit politicians and eventually will be used against you and your children in the future. Watch the downvotes come in which in turn proves my point.

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