Japan enters 1st weekend under nationwide state of emergency


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I've been staying in as much as possible but Osaka is about quieter overall it seems luckily

Fingers crossed the Japanese government and people best this quick!

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Nothing different off base here on Okinawa.

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Has this reporter checked in at local parks, playgrounds and grocery stores? Because they are all packed to the gills.

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Japan media - we no longer care about Diamond Princess.

It's now completely irrelevant.

Stop mentioning it PLEASE!

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It is as busy as usual this weekend. Nothing has changed.

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Japan media - we no longer care about Diamond Princess.

To be fair Koike and Shinzo are still talking about Lehman shock, so I doubt that this will end.

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There is no shut down if people are still taking JR to work. Remember the 3Cs, well a train is just a moving metal box filled with people; its time to stop and take a hit and for the government to protect people because they are the business, they are the company, they are the economy.

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Again the park was packed the restaurants open little snacks running not much has changed looks like herd immunity it safe everyone

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I remember you that around 67 of the people which were on board are still infected, 4 are critical and 1 died 3 days ago. Moreover some inland infection can be traced to the cruise. So there is still people which care and find it relevant.

That you want the number to be clearly separated is understandable but perhaps you should choose your phrasing and not asking for them to disappear.

Regarding the first weekend, seems like except for Fukuoka more people used station than yesterday :

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everything was closed

so we went to the supermarket

it was packed everyone took their families there

it was he place to be kids were playing , peol weer having fun

walked around for an hour looking amarked up produced before we bought our strong zeros and went home

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Temperature check for the Coronavirus is a joke, it give people a false sense of security, it only infect more people that come into contact with a positive person

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Yesterday I went to one of my near apiaries - about an hour away, and passed by a farmer’s market, a flower market, and a strawberry pick yourself greenhouse. All of the parking lots were full, a brisk business ongoing. Covidiots all. 

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