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Japan evacuates embassy staff in Afghanistan to Istanbul


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Since 2001, Japan has provided to Afghanistan some $6.8 billion in reconstruction assistance as of November 2020. The Japanese government has also pledged additional support of $720 million for the period between 2021 and 2024.

That's lot of money and how many refugee that Japan willing to accept? Canada already said that it will accept 20 thousands.


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How many refugees?

Zero I hope. Japan didn't create this problem.

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"aboard a military airplane of a friendly nation"

Don't tell me, lemme guess who.

Is he in the room right now?

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Again, closely cooperating with the loser, USA.

Japan never learns, it seems.

-7 ( +9 / -16 )

The US hasn’t got anything right since 1945. In they went and set up a puppet government, and when things get tough they just drop everything and go home, leaving chaos behind them. It’s like the fall of Saigon. History is repeating itself.

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I doubt Japan would take in refugees. So why the need to keep that temporary Embassy.

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How many refugees?

Zero I hope. Japan didn't create this problem.

Yeah, right! We're not our "brothers' keepers", are we? Which is why most Afghani refugees would be reluctant to come to a country so unwelcoming to their plight. The sea of black ink blotting out the contents of the government report on the treatment of the Sri Lankan woman who died in their custody provides sufficient proof of the place of human rights in the land of "Cold Harmony".

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maybe the embassy was set up for Japanese nationals to get an Afghan passport, move there and finally benefit from Japanese financial assistance?

@blue, LOL. Nice idea !

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Japan can only send "peacekeepers" if there are other troops to protect them.

The ones in Iraq basically went to the desert and we're protected by the Dutch.

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Japan evacuates embassy staff in Afghanistan to Istanbul

Well, Istanbul is where the coming wave of Afghan refugees is going to. And to be, while Erdogan works on sending them off to Europe. So, Istanbul will remind them of their prvevious location.

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why the international community is not putting a peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, as was done in the past with these types of situations.

Because NATO & UN is virtually broke. Assets are gong into combating COVID.

I have done allot of studying on the Afghan terrain on the ground and from ( well lets just say a sensitive location.) Many have tried to liberate and hold Afghanistan. We know and have heard it before. It can't be won. It can be actually with the right approach. Military or American/Russian modern military tactics have never worked there. The way to win there is about one thing. One method. Diplomacy is the only way.

US NATO and the world better dig in. Or we know what will follow. Have to keep the dialog going and give and take going.

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The Taliban already stated several times that NO ONE will be killed or hurt for as long as they do not pose a threat to it's fighters, reports out of Kabul so far indicates that it's all quit and NO GUN SHOTS being heard.

They will not screw it up this time, and it sure looks like the U.S was in contact with the Taliban all along to insure a smooth and peaceful take over after it gave up on the previous government.

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Transition of power was carried out so quickly without bloodsheds. President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan safely. Some say there must have been some deal between them.

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why the international community is not putting a peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, as was done in the past with these types of situations.

Because they would be slaughtered. The UN peacekeepers would have rules of engagement - terrorists don't.

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why the international community is not putting a peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, as was done in the past with these types of situations

Because there is no war or conflict. For the past 2 years at least, the US has been meeting with the Taliban in Qatar to discuss the US handover of power ( surrender ).

I thought it would end up with a lopsided power share in Taliban favor at first but it seems the Taliban played hardball... "We will let you leave peacefully".. Trump agreed, as all others would have done too.

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This time taliban wll not invite international terrorists into this ancient corner of tribesmen. Or NATO will be back.

40 years of conflict, since 1979, and a unique history of fighting off any outsiders.

And its Türkey JP retreats to, the bridge between Asia and Europe.

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Mr Kipling

How many refugees?

Zero I hope. Japan didn't create this problem.

Safe prediction is Japan will be pressured into taking at least a nominal number. The pressure will of course be to take a massive number, probably millions.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

The western media are trying their hardest to make this look like a nightmare moment. Oh how could those poor people survive without our great American culture?

The reality is they survived long before there's a US. The business will be back to usual rather soon, Chinese and Russians will land big contracts as they didn't flee.

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"Our 20 years of efforts since the terrorist attacks in September 2001 could go down the drain," a senior Foreign Ministry official said, expressing concern over Afghanistan possibly becoming a base for terrorists again and the negative economic impact on neighboring countries.

Wake up, it was down the drain long long ago.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

End of an era fellas, under the worst possible circumstances. Welcome to the Biden watch people. Quick fixes for incredibly complex problems, expect more of the same. Probably best to stick to activism cause geo- politics perhaps ain’t a strong point. By design? Probably not, and not by design is even worse news. Jokers at the helm.

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Meh, at least they got it out safely, can't say the same for the indian and some of the americans.

Wonder what would happen if they stayed like China, Russia and Pakistan.

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Twelve Japanese embassy staff members arrived in Dubai on Tuesday "aboard a military airplane of a friendly nation" after the embassy in Kabul was shut Sunday, according to the ministry.


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No, actually Turkey.

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