University evicts over 100 students for breaching no-drinking rules


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Strange headline: "Japan evicts...."?

T`was a university administration that ordered the eviction, not the gov't!

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As if Japan really cares about underage drinking...!

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"One bad apple..."

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Must be summer, JT has gone to re-runs.

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Will they get their key money back ???

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onagagamoJUL. 31, 2014 - 07:57AM JST As if Japan really cares about underage drinking...!

Not sure where you're from... but I know it's WAY worse in my native Australia. If you're from... well... pretty much any Western country, then it's a wee bit hypocritical to point the finger and tsk-tsk.

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No problem back home, very few universities have dorms, plus we are legal adults at 18 so all students are adults.

I think this is to curb underage drinking. Many students share apartments to keep the cost down and have privacy.

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Perhaps proper supervision SHOULD have been in place to control things a tad, sounds like they were just let loose haha!

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including cases of students vomiting out of windows, the Japan Times said on Tuesday.

Ouch. I resemble that comment myself from my college days.

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Libs may not like it -but No means NO.

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I am in two minds over this. As somebody with well-established links with the university, I know that certain elements in the dormitory were warned on numerous occasions to stop being a bunch of D heads. It wasn't just the kids either, some of the senior residents (dormitory tutors) displayed extremely poor judgement. However, they chose to ignore those warnings. Indeed, based on what I have heard from people on the periphery of this affair, the dormitory in question was bordering on anarchy.

On the other hand, however, there are some students caught up in this who were not involved at all. As such, the university giving everyone the boot is a bit of an over reaction. Apparently, the dorm is going to be closed for the rest of the year, however, some of the innocent might return next year.

PS. Yesterday and today are open days at Tohoku University. Anyone who is free in Sendai might like to go along and see some interesting stuff. I would particularly recommend the engineering department.

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It seems quite unfair to those students who didn't 'flout' the rules. Are they supposed to police the other students?

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College professors reportedly have complained of late-night drinking rituals where seniors wake younger students and force them to guzzle alcohol, sometimes resulting in victims being unable to make it to the bathroom and instead vomiting out of windows.

There have also been cases of acute alcohol poisoning,

... so here we have a clear case of bullying and power harassment, indeed borderline assault with the risk of death and the University's course of action isn't to discipline the guilty parties, or call in the police to investigate and arrest the assailants, their solution is to punish EVERYONE by throwing them out on the street.

Ahhh, collective punishment at its most classically illogical. That'll teach those juniors not to complain!!! Next time they should just let the seniors force them to drink themselves to death!

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Drinking age in Japan is 20.. not 18...

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I will drink to that!

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I hate to see alcohol get the blame yet again for people' s stupidity and bad behavior.

As someone who drank responsibly from the age of 13, it baffles me why authorities think its a good idea to ban drinking by college students, treating them like children, then act all surprised when they turn around and act like children.

At the very least, all college age students should be allowed to drink. But rules of behavior need to be laid down and violations of those rules need to be dealt with harshly. Drinking in dorms is one thing. Having loud parties is another, and it requires no alcohol. Vomiting out windows and forcing others to drink is also a far cry from just quietly having some beer in your dorm. Drinking should be okay. The rest should not. But of course, only the guilty should be punished.

Collective punishment is very convenient for authorities. And you are kidding yourself if you think its only Japan. Just kicking out all residents of the dorm is collective punishment. But so is making it illegal for all 18 year olds to drink because some 18 year olds behaved badly in the past. Japan is not the only country trying and failing to stop 18 year olds from drinking. Its almost like they are trying to instill disrespect of authority.

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Too extreme! Evict those clearly responsible as a warning first (those that can be proven), with the threat of others being evicted if it continues. Those who don't drink are getting a raw deal.

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They deserve it , drinking and smoking should be banned everywhere

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Underaged drinking is a criminal offence and should be treated as such. The offenders should be facing criminal charges.

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yeh it is unfair

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That BS, kicking everyone out ! Too hard to find out who did it? Way to destroy these student's lives at an early age.

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Underaged drinking is a criminal offence

@Disillusioned I believe you are misinformed. Selling alcohol to minors is a criminal offense I am sure. Providing alcohol to minors without permission of a parent or guardian may be an offense in Japan, but I am not sure.

I hope you understand that it is your prerogative to prove your own contention as I cannot prove something does not exist. But I think it rather unlikely that there is a law that calls for criminal punishment against minors for drinking when as minors it is unlikely they will be criminally punished for any other thing.

I believe that parents in Japan can allow even their 8 year old to drink some alcohol. I hope so. There needs to be limits on government trying to take over as parents. When I was 8 in America, the neighbor gave me a drink of his beer. Would probably stir a frakus these days, but I thought it was so nasty that my curiosity about beer was quenched. Even now, I am not a great fan of beer or even alcohol, but I do drink sometimes.

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Underaged drinking is a criminal offence and should be treated as such. The offenders should be facing criminal charges.

Legal drinking age is 18 in Australia. (as we both know)

So if an adult of that age (trying to keep a straight face here) has a drink in a transit lounge in Japan, he/she should be arrested?

The dorks who made the others drink and/or annoyed them in a general sense are dorks. Legal age or not. They should be sued.

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Japanese people are just uptight about everything. Let the kids get blasted drunk and have fun all they like. It is their own life and screw the laws.

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Let them drink, they all drink in later life anyway.

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