Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment


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*That's a lot of money.

7.5 Million yen, at the current yen rate, is LESS than $60,000 (US) is hardly "a lot" of money, and split between the 5,5 being sought from the 5 defendants, less that $10,000 US each.

For all the BS she has had to put up with, the denials, the condescending attitudes, the arrogance and trivialization of how she has been treated, she deserves at least 10 times that amount if not more!

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That's really not a lot of money. Good for Ms.Gonoi, I can only hope her all out assault on all parties who trivialize this issue reflects a willingness to fight for a just cause that is shared in the JSDF.

In all militaries throughout the world this problem is exacerbated by the higher ups and surrounding system trying to bury or trivialize the issue. Military organizations need to house clean from the top down to ensure that soldiers understand that their own lives may one day depend on a female soldier.

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failed to protect their own member

denied the assault

gave Gonoi not other option but to sue

An institutional failure

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Gonoi is seeking a total of 7.5 million yen -- 5.5 million from her attackers for mental distress, and two million from the government for failing to prevent the assaults and properly investigate them.

That's not much money.

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Hopefully other women will come forward with their stories. Don’t let this fight die in vain.

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If she didn't do it, it will become another news with new victims from time to time.

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This woman is brave and i wish her the best of luck.

I hope she sets a new standard for women in Japan.

So do I. God's speed Gonoi- San

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At least she is not a passive Japanese,willing to create a stink,when done injustice,if more Japanese follow her lead,it would be the betterment of society

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That is disgusting poor amount of compensation. But I amaze why . We’re the 5 man ever proved guilty in court if not why not. Is that the reason for such a poor amount? 5 man were dismiss from the SDF but never charged? Have they taken legal action over their dismissal? They’re a lot missing here.

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Gonoi is seeking a total of 7.5 million yen -- 5.5 million from her attackers for mental distress, and two million from the government for failing to prevent the assaults and properly investigate them.

I REALLY hope she gets EVERY YEN and more she is suing for. Because the Japanese courts have a way of extremely minimizing the original amount they are suing for. Fight on!

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Go for it! More guts than the JSDF. I hope Kishida understands that courage and tenacity is what makes a victor, not war toyz.

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Truly serving your country means making it a better place for others to live no matter the cost. Japan should be proud of her.

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How dare she think that she could pressure career bureaucrats and govt. officials to take her seriously? How dare she even entertain the idea that the system would provide her any more than a luke warm, half ( zero ) hearted , token response?

Does she not know that these masters of the universe do things their way??

Go get ‘em lady! Give those foundations a good hard shake. You’ll never be more than a nuisance to these generation killing dinasours, but you will have made your point, and made it well.

Morality will be the victor.

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Please delete above message posted in wrong article.

All the best to her in her fight!

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Good house cleaning and great work by the woman victim. The amounts sued for should be 100 times more, as would be in say the US. In perilous times, the SDF must rid itself of bad elements and become a thoroughly robust fighting force.

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To further another poster's point on manpower, Japan has a declining population of military age citizens AND the population of those willing to consider a career in the armed forces is growing increasingly smaller.

The JSDF will have to rely more and more on female recruits whether it wants to or not due to this decline. And yet, it continues to have these systemic problems of treating female soldiers as little more than biological sex toys.

This must change, not only because it is just plain wrong, but because it is not sustainable from a manpower perspective.

While far from perfect and having a long way to go, the JSDF could learn a lot from the hard lessons learned by the US army with regard to women in the ranks.

And I too wish this woman well. Beyond the criminal sexual harrassment she suffered, she voluntered to protect all of us who live here and she deserves to be treated as an equal, valued member of the JSDF.

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Strong and Determined Lady, if her allegations are proven to be true I hope she wins big and teach some so called "soldiers" and their leaders a lesson.

Nothing worse of being betrayed by a nation, a system, and soldiers you sworn to serve and protect.

Good Luck Ms. Gonoi

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The collective sound of conservative lawmakers and SDF higher ups sucking their teeth.

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I support her all the way! Hope she succeeds and makes sure that this "ossan seiken" will end as well!

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No one should be sexually assaulted, or discriminated against for serving their country.

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Tragic but could have been avoid by respecting rules.

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All the best to her.

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indigoToday 11:23 am JST

she has no evidence of sexual harassment. investigation does not exist in japan, inspector wait for death or suicide to move.

wait and see...

The trial is over - she proved her case and won.

So what are we supposed to wait for, exactly?

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Wish her success but not that official way with media coverage because I believe it will make Japanese, even women, less willing to join the SDF.

If still medieval driven thinking at the top in the army, nothing will change.

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I applaud her! There is too much of this behavior in Japan and it needs to be stopped!

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She is the hero here. She didn't ask for a ton of money, but just enough to pay lawyers' fees. Her goal is not to get super rich, her goal is to save the Japanese military.

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I do not hold much hope that the Japanese Justice system will deliver the correct verdict in this case. They will be under pressure not to open this particular can of worms. It’s sad that in a supposedly advance country such as Japan that one cannot assume a free and fair justice system. You can almost predict with a 100 certainty what the outcome of each case will be by examining not the case itself but the pressures and the outcome and message that they want to convey to everyone from the case. In this case the outcome will render a verdict that says “if you are thinking of doing this too, don’t bother”. I do hope I am wrong.

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You'd think at a time when the SDF is struggling to find new recruits, they would be trying to make serving in the military as appealing as possible to women.

Stamping out sexual harrasment and bullying should have been first on the list decades ago.

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Even now the SDF has a recruiting problem and this case will exacerbate the negatives.

The Japanese had better up their AI investments as nobody will choose the military as a career here

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good luck,let them pay dearly

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prosecutors who are weighing possible criminal charges

Proscutrs better get it right.

Kechi wastes no moments ever when he's signin over tax for planes and promises.

No excuses. Better not be one of those "urges" kind of weighing or "join hands" kind of possible charges.

Throw the gdd#mn bench at these loser b_strds!!

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CaliforniaDreamingToday 03:53 pm JST

Women are not as strong physically as men. That is a biological fact.

Yes. But women are as capable as men, even in jobs that require physical strength. There ways they can cope, ways to participate that cater to other strengths, and at times performance doesn't rely entirely on raw strength. There are female firefighters, female police officers, and of course, female soldiers. There is no reason a woman shouldn't aim for any kind of job she cares to do, and if she can pass the qualifications, there is no reason she shouldn't be allowed to do it.

We are also vulnerable to sexual assault by men.

Again, men should learn to respect women. What, are women supposed to wrap themselves in cotton wool and avoid men at all times? Women have been sexually harassed and assaulted in schools and offices, so does that mean women shouldn't teach or should get out of the business world? Pffft.

An equal but separate unit for women to serve in would be much safer for the female soldiers.

There is no such thing as separate but equal. What happens is women are held back from fully participating, told to stay in their lane, and aren't given the same chances as men.

As for the "sexism", as a afab person who identifies as non binary I am really insulted. I am a realist. Virtue signaling is passe.

As if women, including queer women, can't be sexist? Come on. I'm queer myself, so it's not like I'm unfamiliar.

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Good for her for taking a stand. Japan has always done poorly when it comes to sex related crimes and it's about time someone called the government and all its associated bodies out on it.

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This is Japanese "culture" - assault women and then sweep it under the rug.

Let's hope justice prevails.

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Unfortunately, Japanese law is underdeveloped and backward. (This is becoming more and more evident). She is right to go public about this, because that is the one thing that Japans legal elite fear the most - openness. Japanese prosecutors are really just bureaucrats with too much power, and Japanese judges are generally just rubber stamping imbeciles.

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Ok justice demands for sexual assault defined,* attempted rape, fondling or unwanted sexual touching, forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, *serious criminal offences that warrant custodial sentencing.

So we can start with five Japanese soldiers be named and charged,

Her case is also being re-investigated by prosecutors who are weighing possible criminal charges after she lodged a complaint about the failure to indict the men involved, her lawyers said Monday.

This action must coincide with a public inquiry into the actions and subsequent failures of SDF investigation to fully hold these five Japanese soldiers fully accountable for the sexual abuse, indecent behaviour, admitted sexual harassment, Rina Gonoi, a former Self Defense Force member suffered.

Now the wider questions that need to be faced and fully answered, in Japan society when will women and girls be treated, accepted valued and respected as equal partners??????!!!!!

Is it any wonder Japan is depopulating?

I am not some hairy armed shaven headed feminist, I, as a women just want an even playing field, in pay, in education, simple equal opportunity.

Pretty please support Rina Gonoi plea for change. Rina has suffered enough. !!

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she has no evidence of sexual harassment. investigation does not exist in japan, inspector wait for death or suicide to move.

wait and see...

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She has zero chance of winning much, but hey, got to make the effort, I suppose.

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Let me save her the trouble and read the verdict:

"While the court recognizes guilt and wrongdoing by the SDF and failure of the government to put a stop to properly address and take measures to stop such behaviour, the court cannot find the defendants guilty."

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I don't think that Japan's SDF should not be allowed overseas until it puts it's house in order.

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SOP in Japan. Everything is about saving face, not about truth, honesty and integrity.

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Gonoi is seeking a total of 7.5 million yen -- 5.5 million from her attackers for mental distress, and two million from the government for failing to prevent the assaults and properly investigate them.

**That's a lot of money.

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