Japan expands ban on arrivals from 73 countries


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Japan hasn't seen the numbers of confirmed cases like other countries because it simply hasn't pushed for wide spread testing as if that would magically make the CCP virus non-existent in Japan. It's almost as if Abe and company have taken a page right out of the CCP playbook on how to handle the truth.

This video paints a clearer picture of the games the CCP are playing with the real numbers.

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Haha, cool.

NOW they all want to wear masks.

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Too little too late.

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What about Japanese permanent resident holders that hold other passports?

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I mean, can't you just say all of them?

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should have done this at least a month ago if not two.

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What about Japanese permanent resident holders that hold other passports?

If you travel abroad, don’t expect to come back any time soon.

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Well that took long enough....

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I was on the Yamanote line (off-peak) yesterday and being a foreigner played to my benefit. Everyone was giving me PLENTY of space.

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Japan has also requested all travelers to the country, including its own citizens, to self-isolate and avoid public transport for two weeks from Friday.

Finally! A little late! My J-friend arrived in Haneda last week and was not told to self-isolate or avoid public transportation. She was surprised. Another friend reported this to the opposition party and they told him they would mention the issue in parliament this week. Glad some action is being taken.

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Why is the Japanese government so slow to make decisions and react to the virus situation??? Their reaction was much more quicker in making a decision on the final date for the Olympics next year. -_-

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How long will this ban last? I had a planned trip from the US to Japan on April 12 (that I'll need to cancel). When will I be able to go to japan?

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how about SOFA spouse flying from Philippines going to okinawa?

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The weather had to do a little more to keep people inside rather than the virus I would imagine .

What about Japanese permanent resident holders that hold other passports?

Ask your local immigration office not here.

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How significant is that photo.

In such times the J-politicians and ministers take a nap.

This is how our taxes are used, really hard working lawmakers.

No wonder that the situation is going out of control when a country with over 120 million people is leaded bu old cronies.

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When are Japanese people going to realize that they were put at risk by Abe's insistence of holding the Olympics, and national hospitals' policy of triage rather than treatment? As has historically been the case, the lives of the little people will be sacrificed to protect the social hierarchy and the economy.

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As usual, almost everyone is sleeping.

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was left speechless and dumbfoundedyesterday after I went to a local shop that I've been going to for the last 10 years and the lady who knows me told me that she is not serving foreigners because they have Corona virus.

I asked her how she came to that conclusion and she told me that she heard from other Japanese around that foreigners have Corona virus.I asked her what about Japanese nationals?don't they have Corona virus?She couldn't answer that.

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How about banning people from getting in large groups, how about banning people going out on the streets?

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Stable door etc .... same as in the UK

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"On Wednesday, authorities announced that high schools in the capital would remain closed until after the Golden Week holiday in early May, extending a shutdown that began in February."

I'd like someone to explain to me why this makes sense while still having junior high, elementary, and nursery schools open, as well as Kindergartens... you know, these places where kids touch far more, pick their noses, sneeze and cough without covering, play and fight, and then some, far more than high school students would. Ahhhhh... that's right. A high schooler can take care of him or herself at home, for the most part. The younger kids need babysitters. So, it's not really about health then, is it?

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Is there any further information for SOFA dependant flying from philippines going to okinawa? Are they still going to deny those who have visa holder?

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i say break it down further i live in meguro don't want anyone from other ku to visit lets get this war on!

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An important information is missing in the article.....what about foreign nationals?

Japan Embassy website in the US is much more clear!

"Additional designation of areas subject to the entry ban Designating the entire areas of 49 countries and regions listed below* as areas subject to the entry ban. Banning the entry of foreigners who have visited the areas within the last 14 days unless there are special circumstances.

Foreigners with the status of residence of “Permanent Resident”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident” or “Long Term Resident”, who have departed Japan with Re-entry Permission by April 2, are treated, in principle, as persons in special circumstances. This, however, is not applicable to foreigners who depart Japan on or after April 3. The “Special Permanent Resident” is not in the scope of the entry ban."

What about those people working in Japan and stucked abroad? Their home is in Japan....

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Osaka_Doug, you J-friend was coming from a country that was not banned or in the list of countries that had 14 days quarantine I guess. Or simply the airport authorities didn't do their job.

All but permanent residents and spouse of Japanese nationals are banned from entering (their visa is canceled including working visas, etc.)

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@Jacek Adamczyk: Asked both immigration in Japan and two overseas Embassy's they all say please turn to Japan, I tell them I can't apparently you wont let me, they then repeat. Then finally they said "we have been given no guidance".... it's a giant unorganized mess.

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What is Level 3 exactly ? It looks like just a recommendation to cancel and not a strict ban.

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Rvha_3209Apr. 2  08:22 am JST

Why is the Japanese government so slow to make decisions and react to the virus situation???

Because they mostly all too old, lazy and complacent. They don't live in the real world with the rest of us.

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