Japan eyes stronger right to protect personal info from companies


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A related point for employee’s personal information. It is actually illegal to photocopy resident cards, but every company does it. That card is never supposed to leave your possession even if it is for a few seconds. This applies to police as well. You can show it to them, but you are not obliged to give it to them. The only person that has authority to handle your resident card is an immigration official.

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Japan eyes stronger right to protect personal info from companies

as long as the police and government can view it whenever they please.

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Should be default that the company asks for the private info (opt in), not that the consumer has to opt out.

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Geez, one would think this is a no brainer. The authorities will always strong arm, black mail or in any way intimidate companies to get the info they want. You need a good & strong mind to fight this. We're following a case now where the authorities are doing all they can to break someone who is fighting the system. It becomes a battle of wills. Is it about law or about power?

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