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Gov't eyes easing rules to allow more people at events


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so they want to quadruple capacity right before flu season hits? seems like these owners are more interested in their pocketbooks than the health of the populace.

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It's all about the money and Olympics. Government does not have the money for another support package and they have to spend a fortune for the Olympics next year. The flu season is coming combined with the corona second wave this autumn, it is really going to screw their plans up. And John Coates sounded like he was bribed this morning.... "Olympics will go ahead next year regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, IOC vice president John Coates"

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Seems more or less consistent with the 'strategy' so far. Push economic goals, and rely on individual action when cases tick up as a result. Im am curious to see economic data for Q2 and Q3; I suspect its still down as most people I know are actively avoiding 'risk' situations.

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The plan will be discussed when a panel of health experts meets on Friday.

STOP Please! These "so-called" experts have done NOTHING but, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk, talk,talk,talk,talk,talk, some more!

Nothing has changed! No policies have been implemented to stop the virus, and people are walking around like COVID doesnt matter anymore!

I am pretty sure a kindergarten kid understands things better than any of these experts!

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Increase the sales tax to 20% please Suga dear leader..

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Life and business must go on, if you are high risk because of health issues then isolate and wait for a vaccine. Bankruptcies will hurt more people.

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But at least they are being transparent.

No further SOE.

Olympics WILL take place.

Now increase crowds.

Pushing ahead with their (the Government Covid task force's) stated desire (interview in June) to achieve Herd immunity.

I only hope a vaccine can work. The Japanese public are largely doing the best they can with a leadership void. I remain highly skeptical of this 'strategy'.

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Economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said last month the government might relax the restriction before the end of September if the daily number of new infections substantially decreases.

I know it will reduce substantially. It is very easy, reduce the number of test substantially to get the desired result.

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All this just so they can have the Olympics next year. Pity no one will come.

You really can’t expect domestic tourists to plug the financial gaps left by the absence of foreign tourists and international movement. Japan needs to open up or they will be left behind. Strangling the economy to save face over the Olympics is self harm, just keep fiddling the figures and restricting tests and open the borders.

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what has changed since the limits were implemented? why would you do this

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And what spinningplates and Yubaru said I fully concur.

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