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Japan to boost Avigan drug stockpile to fight coronavirus


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If such an efficacy is confirmed, the government might approve the drug for use in COVID-19 treatment this summer.

Ok. It's a drug that hasn't been tested properly.

The current stockpile is enough to treat 700,000 people

Look, just use it on those who might die bit might work.

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If such an efficacy is confirmed, the government might approve the drug for use in COVID-19 treatment this summer.

Too little too late! I know testing takes time, but announcing this prematurely does little to help people feel hope NOW!

If Abe's right, this will burn out by summer! He's been saying it all along here! Drugs like these might help NEXT year!

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The world countries investigate possibility in the situation that the Chinese Communist Party develops the influence to the American ally using the pandemic situation of the coronavirus.

Ventilators, PPE, existing medicine, the development of the new medicine and the development of the vaccine are strategic tools of each country.

The international community that lost a world leader explores new composition.

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That should give us a clue on what their estimates are of the extent of spread of the virus.

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Wow, and I do remember hearing something like this before. So that was the reason why the drug wasn’t on the market, because it might cause birth defects in pregnant women and mothers who might get pregnant.

well just use it on people other than those kind of women, and there you go. I mean if it’s a choice between that, or dying from the virus, you know people are gonna choose the former.

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It is one of the many drugs that may be helpful.

As one reads the article, it makes you think it is already good enough.

So far, no one knows if it helps really and the side effects may be more than just birth defects...which would be a bane for a country like Japan.

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As far as the vaccine for this Covid-19 not coming as product to the world medication, every country should find medicines of preventing not to be affected or for healing after affected, China failed once. The after-effects or no-effects must not be products on world market.

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aint gonna burn out by summer. may well peak, and then peak, and then peak again...

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Avigan to save the day or save face? Sounds more like "Abegan", Japan's "Wunderwaffe", a Hail Mary placebo that is not going to make Covid-19 go away. I've seen Abe's shadow and I'm not coming out for another 6 weeks.

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The history of avigan is a facisinting one that dates almost 30 years. One should study the history before jumping to quick conclusions in the post.

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Avigan attacks viruses in a different manner compared to traditional antivirals. While large scale testing has not been done, in cases where it has been used dor corona and ebola look promising. It is not a vaccine, but from early reports does help.

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I highly doubt it can work better than Remdesivir or whatever Russians/Chinese came up recently. Avigan was barred from the market for the medical reason related pregnant women and other harmful side-effects.

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Who cares about birth defects? There's money to be made!!

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Germany will buy millions of packs of Avigan:


Millions, uh? Interesting enough for a drug that they say is still being tested.

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Yeah if there were clinical trials done or being done they would have been all over the news

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Xeno Man it already provided the best results in 2 separate trials in China. One in shenzhen, the other in Wuhan.And China trialed several medicines in parallel

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Maybe production is restricted and they start sharing it only little by little because can't yet mass produce it for the entire Earth population.

How could you decide who needs it first and announce it by official manner ?

That would be why Germany has it first and gets good result for the fight againdt the virus.

I wish it was so, so that there is a treatment available instead of thinking the figures in Japan are fiddled.

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 it already provided the best results in 2 separate trials in China. 

Best results among drugs tested? No wonder the govt wants to triple the stockpile

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For your information, Avigan is not registered in the USA nor Europe !

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Yes, it's not registered yet. Even here in Japan clinical trial for covid19 treatment has just started

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First you have to show that it works for this disease, then you need to understand what side effects (and all medicines have side effects) and who are at most risk from them. It is utter folly for politicians to jump the gun and impose what may be a costly waste of time and resources and do more harm than good.

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Avigan is being touted here with sure certainty as effective cure for corona virus when the manufacturer of the drug fujifilm has just begun clinical test, There is no mention at all here of hydroxychloriquine, wish the Abe government was advocating for more pcr testing like it is for Avigan.

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I thought some kind of trial was already ongoing in Japan, and results were expected for end of April. Not done by Fujifilm though. Quite sure i read this few weeks ago or so. Few hints about this drug, with Germany buying a large quantity of it, China saying it's effective. Hopefully it really does something.

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 it already provided the best results in 2 separate trials in China. One in shenzhen, the other in Wuhan.And China trialed several medicines in parallel

Trusting the CCP, good luck with that!

They purposely deceived the world, when China was riddled with the plague, through saying that Covid-19 heavily targets old people. In truth, we see both old and young people can easily die without treatments. It is the very reason why Europe and the US are heavily affected now. Many health officials bought into the Chinese lies.

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