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Parts of crashed F35 stealth fighter jet found in sea off Aomori


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I sure hope the pilot's body is recovered. The family deserves closure.

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Planes that kill people including civilians and civilian infrastructure are more important than the pilot.

his family should sue. They must been proud of their son who selflessly protects rhe population of japan.

all F-35s should be grounded and new orders cancelled.

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

This stealth model isn't perfect yet, and have been some complaining from US pilots three years ago. Not good to be sold to other countries at international market, just to know how much much 1 aircraft of this model cost!

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At $90,000,000 the USA is not even recovering development costs. Goodlucktoyou is a good wish for the lucky pilots who will pilot planes without the technology in the F-35.

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Have the Russians already been and gone, then?

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Must have been those Chinese stealth interceptors that are top secret, out to hunt down and obtain vital information because they were called out for attending sites in person such as Tappy espionage. Now they must be resorting to secretly intercepting Japanese stealth fighters with their super stealth fighters from a cost breakdown version of all US war programs obtained from the internet - those dastardly Chinese espionagists.

None the less you think that the blackbox would have a beacon or ERP that is able to be activated it is what a 250+ million dollar jet and it doesn't have an emergency radio beacon that activates in a crash during peacetime operations???? No ERB for the pilot??? ouch. You don't want to go down in that.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

@edbardoe. Where did you get the figure $90million from. Estimated cost without tax is $120m. Maintanence and training $50m each. Software updates and hardware updates/upgrades maybe $50m. Cost of each accident investigation $100m per accident. Cost of weapon systems that can only be American made, fuel etc. and they can be shot down by S-400 advanced, and nobody knows about S-500 system.

Study math.

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Some debris, including a part of the flight data recorder, were recovered

but at this point, the all-important memory (of the flight data recorder) has not been recovered."

So they found part of the flight data recorder but not the important memory.

Did the air craft break up or went out of control and crashed at such speed that smashed the flight recorder apart ?

F35-As, each of which costs more than 10 billion yen ($90 million)

That is nothing compared with the cost of the pilot life that was lost and the loss his family and friends are suffering.

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"a part of the flight data recorder [but not] the all-important memory" was discovered.

Isn't the flight data recorder (the black box) supposed to be THE most secure and indestructible part of any aircraft? If you found a "Piece" of the black box, that means the black box was damaged, which means that "memory" is probably water-soaked, if by some miracle not broken, meaning you're probably not not getting anything useful out of it even if it is found.

And the fact that they've spent a month looking for it with no success most likely means it's in China or Russia.

I feel so bad for, and frankly don't see why, any country would buy this 1.5 Trillion dollar paperweight. It's outclassed by Russian aircraft in every physical characteristic, and it's pride and joy Stealth is already obsolete by Russian radar systems. Not including a dictionary full of known critical software glitches.

It might work well against people in tents, but it'll be good as a falling brick against a real enemy, like those Japan is surrounded by.

I feel so bad for the pilot. How horrible/ironic is it that Japan's first remilitarization casualty is the the result of US weaponry during peaceful operations? I mean, if you don't include those BY the US in Okinawa over the decades.

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