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Japan flags China military's policy role as potential risk

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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"Japan on Tuesday flagged as a potential risk a possible rise in Chinese military’s role in shaping Beijing’s foreign policy and said aspiring nuclear power North Korea remained a serious regional threat under its new leader."

Do you think?

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Duh. "Military Intelligence?"

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Heh! I'm not surprised. In the recent anime, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, the People's Republic of China was utterly destroyed during the alien invasion. Only Japan and the United States were able to fight off the aliens successfuly as the last line of defense. I bet deep down, Japan would want to have the potential "threat" of China removed completely this way or another. If they were able to fight off the aliens unlike China in the anime, do they think they could fight off China itself?

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Hopefully a multilateral naval treaty could be worked out for the Pacific?

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North Korean threat?

I don't see North Korea attempting regime change anywhere.....

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Gee.... an increased Chinese military budget on the heels of Japanese bombast about disputed isles. Hmmm...

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The international strategic situation of US Japan warmongering at China is for the purpose to cover up their 'failures' and deception their domestic frustrations! America has defeated in Iraq,Afghanistan,losing her influences and credibility among allies,a crushing debts, huge jobless,46 million hungry people and highest poverty since 1973..etc. Japan has lost 20 years, more than a dozen Prime ministers and their cabinets has changed, even the ruling party has changed yet nothing has solved their economy. And the faction infights spread inside the ruling party that made the state sitting idle as long as an never ending story. The 311Tsunami and nuclear accident just made things worse, Japan jealousy her No2 world GDP status has lost to China...etc. She loves to wage land disputes occasionally alongside, South Korea, Russia, China for threatening their people solidarity and shut up and stop criticising the government! Both countries were making endless accusations of China for their own survival! The rise of 'evil' (fascistism) in Germany/Japan 1920/30s were based on liars for those frustrated, miserable and despaired people delighted to hear and brought the world to a catastrophic conflict, now we can see two parallels in the 21century in asia pacific region! So you cant blame China's armarment program to defend herself, nobody has such a right to denial China's rights to fight for survival!

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I think instead of complaining and sabre rattling , perhaps Japan could start to talk to its Asian neighbours about collective defense. China will become more powerful and with the exception of India, no one neighboring nation has any chance of balancing the countrys ambitions and bringing them to the negotiating table.

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Gee.... an increased Chinese military budget on the heels of Japanese bombast about disputed isles. Hmmm...

Oh come on smith Chinese military budget would have increased by at least 10% with or without the Japanese bombast about the disputed isles. The increase in Chinese military budget has nothing to do with japan.

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justagai your pro-china propaganda nonsense is really getting boring. And not one word of your post effectively refutes the above article. It's not about Japan or the US. It's about China being a real threat to all of Asia.

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If China's military is actually trying to influence foreign policy then that's a problem reminiscent of Japan in the early 1900s. The military should be subservient to a civilian government. History shows that in every country where the military is influencing foreign policy it's only a matter of time before there is trouble. I see no reason to think that China would be an exception to that rule. In fact, given China's rediculous claims to the Spratly Islands, among others, it would seem that China is the country who is sabre rattling here.

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This is nothing new. China is alienating a considerable amount of her neighboring countries with territorial issues. The range of the disputes vary, but its heart is the fundamental issue. While it is popular and politically correct to say that China is experiencing a 'peaceful rise', but her history tells a different story. And things do not seem to be getting better. And a good part of of the same regime still ruling to this day. For all her talk about peace and harmony, one has to wonder.

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Beijing’s defense budget has risen 30-fold in the past 24 years.

Sure the Chinese government was not doing enough to give the world enough power of deterrance to fight off pentagon hawks warmongering!

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