Japan, foreign forces discuss disaster countermeasures for Olympics


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This is one area that Japan SHOULD lead the world, yet sadly does not. It has gotten light-years better since the Hanshin/Awaji earthquake, but still has a long way to go.

For once I give credit to them for seeking advice and assistance from outside sources, however I temper that with the fear that anything learned will be pushed aside and all this is just a superficial show!

Japan typically has had disdain for following any advice from outside the country, and I dont see it changing anytime soon!

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So this means the PLA will enter Tokyo if the Great Kanto Quake strikes Tokyo during the Olympics?

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With only a few months to go they should already have contingency plans and evacuation procedures in place.

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”Particular reference was placed on powerful earthquakes and heavy rain that could strike Japan during the games.”

If it will happen Japan will be collapsed and no blame, we have to accept the nature as it is. Don't praise against nature, the nature is some times very calm or very our nature inside.

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@Alexandre T. Ishii

The Great Kanto Earthquake happens once in 100 years, and the last one struck in 1920. So it's about time next year.

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