Japan formally raises Fukushima water leak to INES Level 3 incident

By Mari Yamaguchi

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Ahhh it's disappointing (regrettable) that it is now serious, after nearly 3 years. Could it be there was a little incompetentence and regulation failure both before and after? It would be embarrassing to many. Thankfully all the facts are known?

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Well, I'm glad they got that sorted out.

Now will Abe come back from trying to sell Japanese nuclear technology to other countries and put some time and energy into fixing this horrendous mess?

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Thankfully all the facts are known?

Nah, corporations and governments know we can't handle the facts.

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Cricky - Thankfully all the facts are known?

Um, really? Are you referring to the facts released through the Japanese media? If so, you are extremely misinformed and uninformed. Have a look at this news report to get a better idea of the 'facts' that are not being released by the Japanese media. Do you remember the unexplained steam coming from within the reactor housing a few weeks ago? Have you seen the fictional movie, China Syndrome? It's looking like the non-fictional version will be called, Fukushima Syndrome!

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Suspected this all along :( 2years have passed and more already..and only now we verify the 'truth' (hopefully all of it?). Radiation is no easy thing to clean up... I'm sorry, I rather hoped that what I was thinking was wrong. The sea is a huge part of our planet and now the problem is international (it always was really).

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The present measures are only an ad hoc basis. It's necessary to consider finding a fundamental solution.

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Little bit tonge in cheek, I have no doubt at all it will take years for the truth to come out- it at all. It's taken this long to begrudgingly give it a level 3. Was a level 3 on day high does this scale go. Might have to add a few extra numbers I fear.

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@ Disillusioned: I'm just as concerned as you are, but why does the YouTube clip say 'Fukushima out of control August 2013'? Are you aware that both speakers mention that we're '160 days into this crisis'? This very much looks like a news report from 2 years ago!

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Good time to build the space elevator. They can lift tones of water into space.

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**thankkful news for me

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Rank 4: Accident with local consequences,

Umm, doesnt the water leaking have consequences to the local flora and fauna? Because of this mishap, didnt some local fishery groups decide to cancel their request to resume fishing again? That to me is a local consequence....

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rowiko68 - Are you aware that both speakers mention that we're '160 days into this crisis'?

Yeah, I knew that. So, do you think it has improved since then? Were are now at around 800 days and the rods are still burning their way through to the ground water.

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Chernobyl in Russia, has been evacuated for 30 years and will continue to do so. Radiation exists in the environment for 10,000 to 100,000 and up to 2,000,000 years, during that time causing mutations and cancer. It is the most evil poison known to man. The radioactive atom Plutonium is the most destructive atom that a human can get into his body. Fukushima does have Plutonium but TEPCO rarely lets the public know. Breathing in 1 atom of Plutonium can actually kill a person over time, usually it is due to lung cancer.

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"Marine products"? I thought it would be Marine Life, but for Tanaka, all the marine life and environment are just products...

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Watching that Youtube clip, I am shocked that all that was known by the western media so long ago, yet they have all conspired in a cover-up that could result in unthinkable consequences. For shame!

@52atomsrgod, FYI Chernobyl is in the Ukraine.

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@ Disillusioned: No, definitely no improvement there - on the contrary. So certainly agree with you there!

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I continually shake my head in utter disbelief regarding Fukushima and its handling. This is a Major Disaster and until it is totally, 100% cleaned up, it should be nothing less than a Top Priority Emergency. The problem is that no Politician wants his/her name associated with the disaster so no one is pushing to get it fixed. And all the while the rest of the world is terribly disappointed. Japan's credibility around the world is fading fast.

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TEPCO acknowledged recently that only two workers were assigned to check all 1,000 storage tanks at the plant during their twice-daily, two-hour walk without carrying dosimeters, and their inspection results were not adequately recorded.

Seriously? Two guys? Twice daily walkarounds? This sort of incompetence at this stage of the game beggars belief. I mean these guys aren't even getting the easy things right.

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why store it in tanks anyways ? sooner or later it will flow into the ocean..

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Tanaka said there is a much larger ongoing problem at the plant: massive amounts of contaminated ground water reaching the sea

I agree with this. The leaky tank problem isn't as bad as the leaky plant problem.

But that problem cannot even be rated under the IAEA’s International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale because it is unknown exactly how much ground water is escaping, how contaminated it is and what effect it is having on the sea and marine products.

Yeah, that's pretty amazing. Of course, if they ever got all that data, they would have to classify the situation at a higher level than the tank leak. It would be embarrassing....

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