Japan gov't to extend monetary aid for Ukraine evacuees by 6 months


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Continuation of the monetary support program, set to complete its first six months in late September, has been up for review as the Russian invasion of Ukraine that started Feb. 24 drags on and evacuees look set to be in Japan for a longer period.

Much more and for a longer period than the many working Japanese taxpayers who suffered from economic hardship in the pandemic and continue to do so with the inflation and other effects of the current crisis.

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let me ask one cheeky questions-how much was gov help and financial assistance for evacuees from Lugansk and Donbass 2014-feb 2022 period?let me guess zero as there were no "evacuees" at all...yes that time Poroshenko forces did ATO and shelled living quarters of cities in East Ukraine and Japan have turned eyese blind and ears off...?

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A sensible and good move. There are only a few hundred evacuees who need the special payments to get by - most of the ~2000 Ukrainians have support in Japan.

Good for Japan in showing solidarity with these terrorised people, torn from their homeland by the threats and violence of the fascist Russians.

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These Ukrainain are never going back to Ukraine,living in Japan, giving 5 spa service,being waited on hand and foot , would you leave, Ukraine is not gonna habitual in 10 years after conflict

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Be nice for the government to hand out stipends to the single parent families living under the poverty line and can't get any additional assistance and work in low paying jobs.

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The Japanese Government should have extended monetary aid to the people of Japan for at least another year with our tax money that we pay from our hard work.

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Look after your own citizens in Japan who are on low non steady employment with low wages etc.

Ukraine citizens are free to go and live in Kiev where life is working normally for everyone there. They don't have to evacuate to other countries.

Do you see Russia attacking Kiev ?

Russia's military actions is to free the Russian speaking citizens in the Donbass regions who have suffered constant shelling from Ukraine over the last 8 years with the loss of more than 14,000 civilian lives.

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So this is where my hard earned tax money goes.

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go for a walk around Nishinari in Osaka and see the tons of homeless. They get nothing from Japanese government. Me too, unemployed for two years. One in six children in Osaka not enough food. I would love ¥2400 a day, but the Japanese homeless and starving children would appreciate it more.

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So I’m not even Japanese and my tax payments are going to Ukrainian refugees? Thanks, Japan. You accept less than ten refugees a year and then automatically accept Ukrainian refugees in bulk because that is what all the other G6 nations are doing?

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This is peanuts. Once they find employment, they will end up repaying this many times over out of their taxes.

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Where are those who had continuously bashed Japan for being too cold to Ukranian evacuees.

Look those Damning if you do, damning if you don't

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Do you remember how much the J gov wasted on masks etc etc ,and continue to waste on a daily basis , this is helping people stay alive ,and they will pay it back when they can

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My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, however, how about all the homeless elderly people in this country who don't have a roof over their heads and or food in their bellies. Charity begins at home, first. Only a few weeks ago, I walked by an elderly woman who was sleeping on a bench in a shopping mall with a rackety push chair and dirty clothes. My heart broke for her, I turned around to the supermarket bought an obento and a couple drinks for 500 yen and put it on her chair for her to find. It is not about what I did, but instead about the lack of what the government is not doing and now they are going to feed and shelter refugees very sad.

Also, they are going to use tax payers money for a former PM funeral because he was shot and served as a long time over paid PM. Let the over paid elected politicians pay for that funeral out of their own paychecks and see if that funeral would still happen.

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If they have no family or friends in Japan why are they here? Europe is falling over itself to help Ukrainians

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And what happens after 6 months ?


Your living in Osaka and unemployed for two year's ?

That's odd.

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Interesting to read about the concern for Japanese hungry, homeless people coming from the “charity begins at home” brigade.

How much were you bothered about homeless locals before the government started handing out money to foreigners?

Lots of posts on JT and letters to newspapers, right…?

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Antique, Ukrainain are not interested in Democracy,they say their prefer autocratic rule ,like Zelensky over democracy,an they say Ukrainain should be prosecuted for questions the government,since the majority of Ukrainain have lived under autocratic mean ,they are willing to give up freedom for security,me and you have lived in free rule of law countrys,we do believe in giving up freedom for security

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All of them? Even if so, it should still cost less than a night out for an LDP oyaji at a Ginza hostess bar.

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I'm a Ukrainian now living in Ukraine. You can ask me any questions. Im sure my answers will be more truthworthy and informative than some stranger's living somewhere else daring to speak for ALL our people's stead, what we are interested in, what we believe in and what we do.

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So this is where my hard earned tax money goes.

Supporting a whopping 152 people.

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Be nice for the government to hand out stipends to the single parent families living under the poverty line and can't get any additional assistance and work in low paying jobs.

Damn that’s terrible. Have they considered having their homes destroyed and fleeing Japan with little more than what they can carry, to a country where they no no one nor the language? After all, people seem to think the Ukrainians are getting a pretty good deal. Why not emulate them?

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