Gov't selects 17 projects to support vaccine manufacturing


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better late than never?

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A- typical of how fast Japan moves. I am actually surprised they decided this fast.

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One very strong criticism that has been discussed about this initiative is that the projects have been heavily biased towards companies instead of universities or research institutes that could develop things without having a priority on profits. From the 17 projects approved here only one (from the Hiroshima University) were not given to companies, even the project of the Osaka University will belong to the Biken foundation, which include pharmaceutical companies.

In a sense is is understandable that companies are given some preference, after all if anything useful is developed it can immediately be directed towards production without any further negotiation, but it is also risky in the way that if the research seems to be destined to produce something that is not profitable the companies may choose not to finish, while universities or research institutes managed with public funds would be more interested in the public health benefits.

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It’s great that profits will go Japanese companies and not Gates etc.

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As usual easy to spend a crap load of money. Let’s see if they actually make any use of it. Lots will be wasted on backhanders etc.

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"We will build the foundation and footholds to secure vaccine supply domestically," industry minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told reporters.

Keep dreaming...

By the time when you really need to supply vaccines, a decision would be rolled out stating the cost to import vaccine is much lower and faster than producing the required amount domestically.

Try to understand what happened to the mask supply during early pandemic...forget vaccines.

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It is truly amazing that having given up

the vaccine jab merry go round, I haven’t been infected…amazing!

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It’s great that profits will go Japanese companies and not Gates etc.

What makes ya think he can't invest in Japanese companies, lol

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