Gov't starts consultation service for people having trouble with Unification Church


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Now they just have to start on the other multiple cults like “Happy Science” and they will have achieved something. Why not have a permanent department ? There are definitely enough cults in Japan to justify one!

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The government started Monday a telephone consultation service for people experiencing trouble with the Unification Church,

Foreign trainees being abused: Set up a consultation service.

Foreigners, women, minorities experiencing discrimination: Set up a consultation service.

"Black companies", workplace harassment : Set up a consultation service.

Widespread despair and suicidal ideation brought on by lack of a social safety net : Set up a consultation service.

Predatory practices of religions with big political influence: Set up a consultation service.

It is the go to LDP bureaucracy solution to skip legal and economic remedies and sweep a social problem under the rug and not have to address it.

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''The service is set to run through Sept 30' '.........!!!!!!!

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They don't have to, or shouldn't limit the troubles with the UC for consultation. There are some other dangerous cult groups whose activities deserve public attention and inquiry.

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introduce a lawyer

ever had to pay for a lawyer? Not cheap!

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Do the consultation service also include people complaining about their elected representatives being in collusion with the church? I am sure many people would like these very serious problems be dealt with.

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Fancy Japan having a consultation service for fraud and deception?

Whatever next?

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They should clean the government from politicians with ties to Unification Church but since there are so many of them involved they decided to set up a line so regular folks can make complains.

I told you guys Unification Church is so deeply rooted there is no way to stop it.

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Instead of consultation for everything, simply ban union church, scientology, happy science etc..all cults but it would mean akaji in LPD political campaign!

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This is an incredible scandal. The Government is in some ways "the unification church" and is now setting up its own helpline. It's complete madness.

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How about a simple, total separation of "religion" and state. ALL religions as they are all cults of a sort.

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Gov't starts consultation service for people having trouble with Unification Church

Let me guess: the service was immediately flooded with calls from LDP lawmakers complaining about the trouble they are having as a result of bad PR from their association with the Unification Church.

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Gov't starts consultation service for people having trouble with Unification Church

Wait.......the same government that is in cahoots with the Unification Church is now offering consultation services for being ripped off by said Church?

The same government and church that is stealing tax payer's money left and right?

You cannot make this garbage up!

Are they serious right now?

This is beyond ignorant.

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The service is set to run through Sept 30.

Because from October 1, you are on your own, suckers!!!!

We don't deal with minions in the fall.

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why dont you just ban them and properly investigate allfollow the money!

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consultation service for people having trouble with Unification Church

There may be lots if it is sought for general "people".

At first, may be it is better to prioritize on members and their families who are having troubles.

Who would be ready to make their call first - other that Abe's assassin (he made it bring this to light)

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So now you think you need consultation over your personal experience. I believe there are already groups doing just that. You probably can find them online.

People who are victims of predatory religious, governmental and corporate entities should not have to access "consultation services".

They pay taxes for police and governmental authorities to protect them, which these authorities do for business entities normally but not for the average citizen.

Legal and economic sanctions should be enacted immediately against these religious entities.

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People need to be able to identify a cult, rather than having to be deprogrammed. Cults which behave like pyramid selling (Medical Reiki is one example) or cults which create us - them, or in here - out there (UC is one example) can be identified.

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