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Governors concerned at impact of gov't plans for easing COVID restrictionss


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Japanese prefectural governors on Saturday expressed concerns over the potential impact of the central government's laying out of its plans for a future easing of COVID-19 restrictions 

How about the very real impact of the existing restrictions? These bureaucrats are not concerned about that?

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In Japan, you cannot get tested unless you pay. And the reliable PCR test costs around 30,000 yen.

The PCR test is not only reliable, it is reliable to give lots of false positives. Even the manufacturer says this. That test is designe for lab use, not for population testing. It indicates any virus particle, completely regardless of if the person is actually infected.

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local cafés and restaurants here in Onjuku installed entranceway temperature-gadgets months and months and months ago, and automatic hand-disinfectant dispensers, require patrons to wear masks and space themselves appropriately..... but no booze. which affects their business no end and I suppose the vestiges of life and enterprise here will further erode.... certification? just more cityhall paperwork. hopeless. and sad.

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In Japan, you cannot get tested unless you pay. And the reliable PCR test costs around 30,000 yen.

Do the expect people to pay for their own tests?

This may be true for most, but I was getting tested daily. I have been negative daily since this disaster started. Now I do monthly. Not sure who you are, but I guess I am "someone"?

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This may be true for most, but I was getting tested daily.

Evidently, you are "special". I wanted to travel abroad and had to take a test in order to do so. It was going to cost be 2man. Maybe the problem is people like you who would get tested daily if it were free.

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Open up the bars !! NOW!!!

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I’ve travelled into other prefectures numerous times weekly since this started and I’m nit planning to stop any time.

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Maybe the prefectural governors should consider the high number of suicides amongst their population.

In October 2020 the number of females committing suicide was over 400.

Overall since the lockdowns appeared the number of deaths from Covid has paled in comparison to the number of deaths of suicide in Japan.

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I refuse to stop my travels. Have no clue when I might die. I am never stopped and checked. I even carry my own electronic touchless thermometer and carry an automatic hand sanitizer and double mask and wear a plastic shield as well as a gown and plastic gloves. I have a box of both in my backpack. A bit heavy but cannot be helped.

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By the end of November, the percentage of vaccinated should be pushing 70% and by 2022 the contagion should be tamped down. Which begs the question: limiting the number of tourists or implementing a longstanding ban.

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Do the expect people to pay for their own tests?

Fuji Rock provided their customers with PCR tests, so I imagine other events may try the same thing and just rinse people for an extra few grand on the ticket price.

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The vaccines will reduce hospitalizations and deaths. Unvaccinated people are 10x more likely to be hospitalized and 11x more likely to die from Covid-19.

In your opinion, if there was a vaccine proven to be around 95% effective and perfectly safe given it's been administered to a few 100 million people without any reesports of deaths and literally "a few" who suffered anaphylactic shock.

Would Japanese authorities move to import such a vaccine? If not, why not? Would Japanese corporate media demand such answers or censor any mention of such a vaccine?

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Holding the Olympics and ignoring the people of Japan just shows how much this goverment cares for humanity and environment with current state of thinking the on Fukushima disaster.

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