Japan grants refugee status to 98 Afghans fleeing Taliban


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by my opinion they could get refugee status in very next safe country.look at the map.

Turkmenistan-no war

Tajikistan-no war

Iran-no war

Uzbekistan-no war

Pakistan-no war

They could get refugee status there easy.They could blend to that society very easy/same culture religion habits/

Why Japan?

Any reasonable explanation?

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Canada received 40 thousands Afghanistan refugee.

Germany 10 thousands Afghanistan refugee.

Could you be more accurate and update those figures? According to the references, Canada "promised" to intake 40k while Merkel of Germany "could" accept 10k refugees.

Refugee intake is not a competition. Instead of boasting it, let's see and worry about the (worsening) situations in their countries of departure, namely Afghanistan under the Taliban rule.

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Canada received 40 thousands Afghanistan refugee.

And how is that going for them..

They just ordinary people that want to live their life.

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Aren't there better ways to spend Japanese taxpayer's money?

Like, young carers or children living below the poverty line?

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Big move for Japan

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Japan has granted refugee status to 98 people who fled Afghanistan


Canada received 40 thousands Afghanistan refugee.

Germany 10 thousands Afghanistan refugee.

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Anyway, it's 98 people, which means very, very few.

At first... uncles, aunts, cousins, future husbands and wives...46% of Afghans marry their cousins. Then the birth rate... The average is 6.6 per married woman. Is this what the Japanese population want for Matsuto in Chiba?

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Well done. If you're willing and able to help a fellow human being, I can only applaud you.

@ Tokyojoe

These people have endured suffering, poverty and despair. What makes them dangerous? Such a disgusting remark.

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It's a Small number when you consider "Families", but actually a good move on Japan. Progression, albeit at a slow pace. 5 Years may seem a long time in order to be "useful" for Japan, but, it's not really, but I hope they establish themselves here. Perhaps even by adding Afghan cuisine to the menu available for Japanese consumers ?

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You should delete posts that state that these Afghans are running away for a reason.

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An alien culture with no connections to Japan.

Says the non-Asian. Nice.

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They should be a accommodated in a country that fits their religion, like Pakistan, and not Japan, which is as haram as imaginable, with its liberal attitute to musik, artistry, sex, alcohol etc.. If Japan wants to help, why pay to help resettlement in Pakistan?

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These are the privileged, educated Afghanis, who were working at the Japan Embassy, possibly facing reprisals for collaboration, and already knew something of Japan culture and food. They stand a reasonable chance of succeeding and integrating into Japan, unlike a poppy farmer from the Helmand region, also targeted by the Taliban.

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Those always comparing the numbers of acceptance are idiots while UK kicking them back to somewhere in Africa and EU as a whole struggling for internal arrangements to transfer them in exchange for money 。

Germany is not an exception.

So many of Korean refugees accepted during/after Korean war , now entitled with even SPR.

Chiune Sugihara saved many jews by providing free passports during WW2 against the will of his own home country Japan.

Hey the place they finally settle does not matter. They are to chose the most easiest place to live for themselves.

If they chose Canada, or US, they have reasons to do so.

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There are many Afghan refugees in the countries you mention. Some of them live long-term in refugee camps. However, these countries are either dictatorships with even less regard for human rights than Japan (Turkmenistan, Tajikistan) or politically disunited with terrorist groups operating in its territory (Pakistan). And if someone is asking why Japan should "pay" for a war it had no involvement in (it did, by the way), then why should Iran accommodate refugees from a country invaded and brutally occupied by the US for 20 years?

Anyway, it's 98 people, which means very, very few.

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They would be better off in Canada, I think.

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That would be Japan then. There are more than 250,000 Muslims here, more than 30 mosques, halal shops, and restaurants. They will feel right at home. Welcome.

Comparing Japan with Pakistan is more than a bit absurd. Japans culture and laws are absolutely not Sharia compatible, and the reason there is not more pressure to make it so is simply because the numbers are so small. Look at Europe to see where this culture clash heads as the numbers increase.

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Dangerous. Hope this doesn't come back to bite Japan.

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Hey, The place they finally settle does matter. They are to chose the most easiest place to live for themselves.

Japan has been reserving air-flights seats for Ulkranian refugees every week and that financial package you heard for them, yet damn it if you do, damn it if you don't, always always. And what? Japanese English skills are too poor to accept those refugees???? What kind of BS is that!! It's like simple masturbation by J-haters of foreign media (including JT) and gaijin posters themselves.

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Gotta keep it in the 2 digits apparently.

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Hopefully soon will come a time for Japan where accepting less than 100 refugees is no longer worth being in the news.

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Wow! 98. Not even 100. Way to go Japan!

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An alien culture with no connections to Japan. Most Japanese people don't want them here. A stupid move by Japan which had no part in the problems of Afghanistan.

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One GOOD step in the right direction, I see a light at the end of the long and dark tunnel. Japan needs to do more as most refuges come to Japan to work, pay taxes, contribute to society and become part of this democracy, I hope Japan will do more in the near future.

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While the Ukrainians, fleeing an intense war in which the aggressor is blowing up people's homes, need to be satisfied with short-term evacuee status? Methinks there is discrimination going on.

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