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Japan grants refugee status to democracy advocate Myanmar woman


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That's great, now sanction the military and ban their travel to Japan.

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Japanese companies need to step up their pressure on the military junta to return to democracy and to stop dealing opium would be a step in the right direction too!

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Not all refugees are equal in Japan, some really good for PR. For example those from Ukraine, Japan really loved that for PR or this human right activist.



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According to the immigration agency, 298 Myanmar nationals applied for refugee status in Japan in 2022, and 26 were granted it the same year.

I have to admit that I was not aware of that. 10% approval sounds pretty reasonable.


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Good. Now stop trading with those totalitarian turfs, hit them with sanctions - HARD.

It worked to end South African apartheid and it can work here too.

62 years of that violent dictatorship is much too long. It's got to go!

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Gary, You are correct 10 percent approval is very high for Japan to grant refugee status in one year. Really, this is very unusual based on all I have read in the news for granting refugees status to stay.

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Once in few year, one person gets granted refugee status . So it’s an important news, which happens rarely.

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