Sendai high school cancels entrance exams day before due to virus concern


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The decision was made after several students at the high school took polymerase chain reaction tests Thursday. The results on Saturday showed that all the students tested negative.

School officials screw up. Most schools and businesses, our daily life would go paralyzed if they shut down before the test result. I'm afraid that the overreactive case will contribute to reinforcing social stigma and discrimination against people who only take a virus test, regardless of its result.

"There was some confusion but no major objection" on the part of applicants, a school official said.

But the decision was unilateral and abrupt, made only a day before the exam day. The school should refund exam fees to applicants.

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Presumably one of the five exam locations and probably the largest was the school itself.

The selection of 340 students will now be based on junior high school grades, and club and other school activity information.

This type of assessment is actually better than an entrance exam, so it is not a bad result. It's a private school, so they can do what they want.

Since it would instantly create clashes with public system and other private high school entrance exams, rescheduling was probably impossible. The order and timing in which tests are held is actually quite important for students in deciding which schools they try for.

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The selection of 340 students will now be based on junior high school grades, and club and other school activity information.

Just a crazy idea, but why don't they do this every year. It'd be more accurate, it'd be more fair, it'd avoid all the stress being piled on one single day, it'd avoid all the family having to shut down their life for a month before just so no-one gets sick on exam day, etc...

Of course, it'd put the cram schools out of business and they probably give kickbacks...

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Why cancel when all participants could be tested before the meeting?

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Schools also get a large portion of their income from entrance exams; the more students who pay the test fee, the larger their income.

To base acceptance on jhs grades, club activities, and other school information would severely limit their income. Also, some schools (including universities) base teacher bonuses on how many students take the entrance test.

Being more accurate, more fair, and relieving families of stress takes a huge backseat to cash.

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Entrance tests are what, 20,000 yen?

890 X 20,000 = 17.8 million yen

Entry fees for the 340 if they fill their courses (many will be taking the test as a backup option for if they fail a public system school).

340 x typical 200,000 = 68 million yen

Yearly fees for the 340

340 x typical 550,000 (gov will pay for many) = 187 million yen

Based on those numbers, I wouldn't say entrance tests are "a large portion of income". Easy money perhaps, but not a huge sum.

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Nothing like waiting until the last minute -- the way here.

Company/school: Hey, Jiro.... we're transferring you to another prefecture from next week, for three years. Mika over there is going to Malaysia. We'll allow you to take a half day of paid leave tomorrow to pack.

And here it's schools, which should have put off testing AGES ago, who fretted over it until it was too late, and now have left a bunch of people in a lurch. Schools should have been closed, or at least classes staggered, and tests put off ages ago, nationwide. But in a nation that can't even figure out what to do if it rains on a sports day.

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There is supposed to be a population decline. The faculty should be thankful young people are even applying for entrance. Stop pretending to have a uniquely high quality education program. Be thankful that potential students even know the school exits. However, if the school is so small that it can afford to exclude potential students, then the unaccepted students can save schools that have low census.

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Schools also get a large portion of their income from entrance exams; the more students who pay the test fee, the larger their income.

So in other words, education is only for those who can afford it? I agree with Nator, I would like to see high schools (and universities) get rid of these entrance exams and use more long term and equitable evaluation method. As for the lost revenue - I'm sure there are other options........

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Private SHS are widely used as backup options so students will apply for places even with little intention of actually going to the school. Students are forced to do this because many public system schools have all or nothing type entrance policies. If you fail to get into number 1, you don't get a chance at number 2, 3, 4, 5, .... Passing a private school exam means your child will have a decent second best option and can aim high when trying for a public system school. 20,000 yen or so for the exam is little to pay for this, and I would blame public system schools for creating a situation where parents are happy to pay it.

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Exam fees at the school are 14,000. The first year of enrollment costs 686,000, of which 170,000 is a one-off admissions fee. Tuition is 516,000 annually, though students may be eligible for a fees reduction. Add to the foregoing up to an additional 100,000 for uniforms, gym wear, and textbooks. As has been pointed out, private high schools are an insurance plan for most, for if a college-bound student fails to get into a top-tier public college-prep school, the next available option- if one exists- is likely to be far down the academic ladder.

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