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Japan households get mystery seed packages labeled from China


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many amazon sellers to jack up their positive rates makes bogus purchases and send to random people do this scam. Recently amazon has been using verified purchase as a way to stop these scammers so now they want to appear legit. Trying to avoid knock offs from China is becoming difficult as they now have thousands of positive reviews. Beware of Amazon sellers.

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This is it? The news online had been reporting this for weeks already. Other countries has been receiving them for awhile now. It cause some major panic. And this is all they had on this report in Japan?

Many supect it to be invasive seeds than could ruin the natives ones once these are planted. Don't plant them and deliver them to the police once you receive them. It could cripple the nation agriculture once invasive plant species take over.

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Aaah, it's happening right before our eyes and people are blind to it. The Mara-zoids have not only seeded a virus to take care of the world's population but they will now destroy all agriculture that could serve as food for any who survive the pandemic. They know that their idiot human cohorts will plant the seeds will nilly fulfilling the final phase of global domination. The humans will pray for Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to come save them, only to realize too late that MIB was fiction. But no, wait....we have the Space Force! I must say, the dinosaurs had a better exit...don't plant the seeds...please.

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Possibly a weed genetically engineered with viruses to attack and wipe out the agriculture in the host nation. No doubt sent by the Communist China government, although probably impossible to prove.

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I am leaning towards believing the Amazon ratings boosting scam rather than the conspiracy theories posted above. It would be interesting to hear what the CCP has to say about this.

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many amazon sellers to jack up their positive rates makes bogus purchases and send to random people do this scam

I don't buy this^, because the review system still relies on a real user to post a review. It's easier to just post the packet direct to the scam reviewer, and it only need to be a letter, not 'suspect' items like seeds.

To me even if you discount all the conspiracy theories. It's still going to cost the receiving countries a lot of money to investigate, and deal with something that costs next to nothing at the China end. Assymetric warfare? Not to mention, tying up the postal service with additional bogus deliveries.

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If it was an Amazon scam then all Interpol would have to do would be to give Amazon the addresses of people who received seeds and ask them to determine which accounts had sent seed orders to those addresses. Simples.

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It sounds like we had all ready been a product of Chinese Covid-19 bio-warfare many are not aware of it.

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The seeds are Chinese body snatchers. While you are a sleeping an exact replica of you will be created who will declare devout allegiance to the CCP, worship Xi Jing Ping and argue that the South and East China Seas have been Chinese territory since ancient times.

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The seeds of discord.

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Chinese spokesman said

"They are not shipped from China"

I thought CHINA POST was in China

May be it has shifted to some other planet

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If China wasn't listed as a "Developing Nation" in the WTO, they'd have to pay full shipping costs and sending crap overseas wouldn't be so cheap that costs didn't matter.

Seems a bunch of folks have their tinfoil hats on inside out today.

I've carried "seeds" across many international boundaries and never had any issues. Peanuts, sunflowers, almonds, nobody cares. Just don't try to bring and cured meats!

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Some of the seeds sent to US have been identified -

"...The 14 species identified include mustard and cabbage, herbs such as mint, sage, lavender and rosemary and morning glory, roses and hibiscus flowers, Osama El-Lissy with the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service said in a media broadcast last week...."

Common varieties - but authorities are checking to see if they are contaminated with bacteria, viruses etc.

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It would be interesting to hear what the CCP has to say about this.

Not really.

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To import seeds officially to Japan requires a lot of paperwork, including a declaration from a Ministry of Agriculture (or equivalent) in the country of origin. (Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the government of exporting country and to take import inspection based on the Plant Protection Act.).

Otherwise, the seeds are destroyed.

Considering how closely Japan Post and Customs inspects overseas mail, I'm surprised that they got in.

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This is Phase II of the Global Attack from those people to the East.

Yes, you know who it is.

Imagine if the Virus was a NERVE Agent ? Then what ?

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Several days ago in the US they announced what the seeds were!

"A US Department of Agriculture official said in a recorded statement released on July 29 that 14 species of the seeds have been identified as herbs and other plants including hibiscus and mint."

Also several of the US packages were most likely not sent from China as the postal labels were fake as well. Or the addresses on the labels were fake. Conflicting reports there.

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They might grow into gremlins when watered, hand them into your nearest police station.

(Take anything to your local police station if you are a foreigner, expect 1.5hrs of interrogations. Make sure you have several forms of ID.)

this story is kind of funny though.

BUT, imported seed can destroy. Ask Monsanto or whoever the evil tech morphed into.

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I'm more worried about the fact such dubious materials coming from China have been delivered without any screening/inspections at any point.

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More importantly, how did China get these people's names and addresses ?

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More importantly, how did China get these people's names and addresses ?

Likely through stolen data from Japanese company databases that do business in China. Or through the PRC hacking Japanese accounts ie eBay, Amazon. The scary reality is, Communist China at this point can probably get ALL of our mail and email addresses if they wish.

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Isn't it just some group sending cannabis or the like seeds among other so that if a suspicious package happened to be opened by custom and some cannabis found in, the receipt could claim it did not know where that come from (potentially true) ? Or some kind of check of custom of different countries ?

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Return to sender, likely the Communist Party of China or followers.

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I don't think it's anything insidious this time, but it does demonstrate how easily something much more toxic could be circulated by people determined to wreak havoc on the world.

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Faked Chinese labels and stamps, and this stuff gets through? This sounds like a DPRK dummy run for something yet to come.

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Feed Me Seymour. Feed me all night long! Audrey 2 is making its way to the islands of Japan!

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the easiest way would be to germinate them in a sealed lab, once grown test them for X,Y, and Z as for invasive plants don't forget Japanese knot weed! thats a major, major problem her in the UK

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blue in greenToday  10:33 am JST

More importantly, how did China get these people's names and addresses ?

Tick Tock,,,,,lol

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China right now is playing some very serious games which no one asked to join.

Step 1, make goods and services for everyone so they are relied on by every country in the world for products.

Step 2, start a pandemic

Step 3, distribute seeds anonymously to prove, "it can be done."

Step 4, I seriously hope we do not find out.........

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Interesting and suspicious that these unmarked packages originates from China......the very same country that released the virus that disrupted the entire world.

Now the CCP.....or whoever is behind these seeds....are out to infect the agriculture industry with again another unknown type of virus.

It is becoming apparent the CCP China is waging an undeclared germ warfare throughout the world.

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Could be POT seeds, you plant it then they will come and harvest it.

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how did China get these people's names and addresses ?

In the USA, that is public record. Anyone can look up names, addresses and what price paid for the home online. Some of the websites will list an entire neighborhood on a single page with that information. Then a quick facebook or twitter search and you have more data about a person than you need to know. Home phone numbers are public record too, unless the number is unlisted. Phone books used to be sent to India to be converted from paper to an online DB.

They probably have my entire OPM records - which the CCP-govt hacked and stole. https://www.csoonline.com/article/3318238/the-opm-hack-explained-bad-security-practices-meet-chinas-captain-america.html

These seeds are just small time people trying to gain access to review sites. Nothing really to see here.

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The whole western world speculates, but doesn’t know anything at all...lol

It’s clearly and obviously something completely different. As the list of receiving countries indicates, that is no joke or brushing or so, no, this is economic warfare, part of the new Cold War era on any field. The Chinese side uses loopholes in international post treaties to produce expensive costs in the five eyes countries plus Japan. They only have to pay halfway for that anything garbage, some few Yuan for collected mail to the next ship or mail airport. The other ‘half’ of the transport , the customs, the check in laboratories, police investigation, the confusion and so on, all that has to be paid by the receiving country and its tax payers to rather high wages or costs. The damage in the main rival countries, as mentioned five eyes plus Japan, is therefore very much bigger than the effort of the CCP. You don’t have to agree, I am used to it. Anyway, I am not wrong most of the times...

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