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Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar


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Shibuya Scramble will definitely conserve power, eh?

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And what about shutting down all those Ginza lights?

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And what about shutting down all those Ginza lights?

no way that’ll happen for how will the LDP leaders find their way to their favorite steaku houses?

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So the earthquake in March that we experienced here in Tohoku must have done much more damage than the government is letting on otherwise why would these powerplants still be offline? Also Japan, you have a whole group of ready available electricity sitting in your nuclear powerplants just waiting to be used! Turn them on again. There are some that are brand new, like the powerplant at Higashidori Aomori. It was still being finished when the 3/11 quake hit. You can't tell me that it is already obsolete. And it poses just as much a risk just sitting there idle as it does generating electricity!

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And what about shutting down all those Ginza lights?

Won't really help, since overall power demand drops after dark.

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Anther Ojisan balls-up. They have had plenty of time to sort all this out and prepare.

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Actually, there used to be (might still be there) a real time power demand chart in the lobby of Tepco headquarters in Uchisaiwaicho. You can see l the electricity demand spike at dusk when the neon lights turn on.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

Japan has 17 nuclear power plants. After 2011 all of them understandably where shut down, but as of 2021 onky 5 of the 17 are back up and running. It might be 6 by now, incokldnr find the 2022 data. Maybe the j-gov maybe should get more back on line? No matter how you feel about global warming, clean energy, Nuclear power is by far the cleanest.

Every single summer here in Japan we end up loosing anywhere between 25-200 people or more from heat related deaths. There is absolutely no reason for so many people to be dying like this. It’s mainly the elderly that suffer the most.

11 ( +17 / -6 )

So let’s get this straight the government and power industry have completely dropped the ball and as usual it’s the population having to make yet another sacrifice to help THEM out? Well at least it takes everyone’s attention off the elections I guess.

3 ( +13 / -10 )

Won't really help, since overall power demand drops after dark.

Plenty of Tokyo businesses keep their electric signage switched on throughout the day.

14 ( +15 / -1 )

I'm trying to use an electric fan instead of aircon at home as much as possible. Difficult.

0 ( +6 / -6 )

So they then tell us to stop using the air con or set it at 27 but never talk about just turning off lights.

4 ( +12 / -8 )

What will happen when the LDP members favorite Kobe beef houses or snacks air cons aren’t working properly?

-4 ( +10 / -14 )

Turn off the aircon in the Gikai; there’ll be a massive power saving although the hot air continually expended will lift the building off the foundations!

-2 ( +8 / -10 )

Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar

Until they allow shorts and t-shirts In the office and no jackets or slacks, I’ll be in my room with the AC at full blast.

4 ( +12 / -8 )

OMG some of you are missing the point. There shouldn’t be a need for this period! Japan has Nuclear Power. 17 of them! Only 5 are currently on-line.

Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

I’ll start “conserving energy” and seldom use my AC, if they promise to NOT blast the heaters to blazing temperatures from early October, regardless if it’s even remotely cool or not.

we can always put on an extra layer of clothes on. But are allowed to walk around in undies? Nope.

and yes, just turn off the neon.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Today, the temperature, well before 10 am in this morning is 33°C in Tokyo-no one is going to endurethe heat and humidity so just expect blackouts in Tokyo this summer….

4 ( +9 / -5 )

If you want to "conserve" energy, then limit pachinko parlor business hours (or just shut them down) and turn off all the excess vending machines in the country.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

For years, office ladies have been sitting with heaters under their desk to stay warm, while the oyajis lounge about in their suits, as the airconditioning is on full to keep them cool! Nonsensical!

8 ( +13 / -5 )

METI is saying that the "peasants" should keep their AC's off and "conserve".

Better yet, peasants shouldn't even own an AC. A simple fan will do.

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

Well - good for you Larr - 20,000 YEN isn't going to make me turn my air con off in this silly heat.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

They've had so much time to get on this, but of course, instead, they offer to pay electric companies more and ask the people to pay the same or more but use electricity less. This could easily be helped by a national grid. But nope, even a nuclear meltdown and the massive power dilemmas faced in quakes and typhoons can't get them to have TEPCO, Kandai, and others to work together to do so. Adopting a DST (daylight savings time) could see people keeping the lights off until near 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., but can't have that because it would "confuse" people to change the time twice a year. So, instead you waste three hours or daylight in the morning and have the power raging from early evening.

-4 ( +8 / -12 )

@smithinjapan: For once agree with you. But its not even about adopting DST - How about Japan moving into the correct time zone full stop. Should be GMT +11. Period.

-2 ( +10 / -12 )

So will the pachinko parlors and stores be shutting off their energy consuming signs and advertising devices screeching amd blinking at customers to buy something?

0 ( +6 / -6 )

Keeping the bath full of cold water might be a life saver too?

0 ( +4 / -4 )

Japan moves slow on things!!

you have to confirm with numerous dilly dally members

-5 ( +5 / -10 )

Need to turn more nuclear back on. and build some more.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

It’s hot, we can feel it it’s stupid hot, but using an AC set for 28, that’s still hot. Ok not as hot as outside but still hot. The whole point of AC is getting the room temp comfortably balanced and 28 is too hot. Maybe 24 personally 22. I don’t give a about bull government crap vouchers, I just want to be comfortable. I already pay enough to cover that. And then some.

5 ( +7 / -2 )


How about Japan moving into the correct time zone full stop. Should be GMT +11. Period.

Yes, yes and yes!

As pointed out by @smithinjapan, these early mornings hours of daylight are just a waste...

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The government is urging the public in Tokyo to save electricity "Put foods into your refrigerators after cooling them down."

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despite over 10 years from Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan's LDP government with economic ministry had hindered popularization of renewable energy to prioritize benefit of major power corporations who want to continue nuclear plants.

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and yes we are ready for EV era...LOL

and thats why I get 70% of at night to charge my EV, you know while everybody sleeps and they dont need electricity as much

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I think there's a basic consensus amongst us here that there's a long list of measures that could be put into action to save power before asking households to turn of the lights.

The authorities should clarify that firm instructions have been sent to companies using power unnecessarily along with non-compliance penalties.

A good few pachinko parlors within 10 mins of where I live. My small local train station has 4 large vending machines.

Check out the huge pachinko place next to Shinagawa station if you want a prime example of unnecessary waste...

I do take care with regard to electricity usage in my house, because it also cuts my bills, but along with government requests to cut usage, we should also get a clear report on what businesses are being instructed to do rather than letting them off the hook.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

And yet…

Japanese buildings like schools and offices have the air conditioning on, windows wide open (to let the corona out). Multiple fans plugged in (to circulate the corona), all the lights on (because it’s hard to see indoors even on a bright cloudless day), computers that are never turned off, printers that have to print a 25 page document for each of the 75 staff (because email is too complicated) and so on.

energy crunch my butt

i get Fukushima was a tragedy but Nuclear power really is the safest, cleanest, and efficient source currently. TEPCO has warned all over the place to get their standards up and no progress was made because “that’s how it is” but common… we got 3 dozen reactors just sitting here during a heatwave and they can only say “do this stuff, we won’t, but you should”

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Just wondering, did they fix the problem preventing Kansai and Kanto to share electricity by now? The problem has been known since 3/11 but until a few years ago was still left unresolved if I recall...

No - Nothing has changed and the 'problem'' as you describe it has been there since the postwar reconstruction of Japan. People who have been here a while will remember high wattage items such as hairdryers and toasters being sold in East Japan and West Japan versions to take into account the different cycles

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I heard there is a very cheap sale of Russian oil and gas. Also there is a rumor that Japan has bundles of sunlight, geothermal and hydroelectric, tidal and wind resources, but just rumors.

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Having just contracted COVID and now suffering through a high fever in the midst of this oppressive summer heat, I will not be turning off my air conditioner, thank you very much. Lights are all off, and that's the most I am able to do right now. It's always the little people who are expected to make the concessions...

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despite over 10 years from Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan's LDP government with economic ministry had hindered popularization of renewable energy to prioritize benefit of major power corporations who want to continue nuclear plants.

The Fukushima incident was a direct result of gross negligence on TEPCOs part. They refused to move backup generators to a safer area. Yet still, no one died.

As for shutting down the most reliable and environmentally-friendly nuclear?

Ask Germany how that went.

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One major problem in japan is that it was never instilled in the young minds to simply turn off the lights when exiting a room.

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My kid always got reminded to off the lights…always.

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What is happening in Japan ??!.

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Nuclear power is the cheapest, most efficient, most reliable, and most productive source of energy. Go green! LOL

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