Japan joins int'l anti-soot and methane campaign


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So I guess they're going to start banning wood burning fireplaces and camping firepits.

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Joining is great, but what do these countries plan to do about fixing the problems?

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The number one cause of soot and particulate pollution is coal, not wood stoves or other minor things that people have used for centuries without issue. Japan recently started a crusade towards more coal, so just how do they plan on reducing soot when they are effectively increasing their pollution several dozen times over?

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Well, there's hardly any wood burning stoves in Japan, but I'd like to see all of those soot-emitting diesel dump trucks around Japan retooled. They are too loud and too dirty. I wonder if joining this campaign will result in any positive changes like that. Isn't biodiesel cleaner than regular diesel? Perhaps those dump trucks should be required to use alternative fuels such as cooking grease.

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Filters can be expensive, but an effective measure in the toolbox.

I wonder more about methane. If Japan is going to start sucking up large quantities of frozen methane from below the sea bed, will some of this not leak out in the process? If so, why are they joining this 'voluntary' coalition. Either it is not really voluntary, or Japan feels it's better to be on the inside than the outside and better to be aware of and thus prepared for current trends in climate consciousness.

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A noble step forward, Japan, well done. Now please make some draconian laws about IDLING.

Oh, right, Japanese cars are built differently and need to have the engine going to run the air conditioner. For f@ck's sake, stop!

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tranelJul. 26, 2012 - 09:32AM JST

Oh, right, Japanese cars are built differently and need to have the engine going to run the air conditioner.

Not sure what you drive, but all the rentals I've used let you turn on AC with engine off.

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