Japan launches H-2A rocket carrying intelligence-gathering satellite


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Funny, when other countries launch them the media calls them "missiles".

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Interesting... they are all missiles and rockets by definitions, but today the generally accepted difference appear to be in the control system.

When N Germany hit UK it was rockets. When the Brits fired upon the colonial fortress, it was rockets. Basically a missile that was self propelled was called rocket. The only thing they did not have is a self-guiding control system.

Missiles in the other hand do have a self-guiding system that takes control of the flight.

My guess is that the H2-A was guide by the control center below. Therefore, it was a rocket.

Well.., another satellite in space monitoring us or for us something.

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Well done JAXA! You made Japan proud!

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Well done JAXA! You made Japan proud!

They're spying on you.

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Is Japan using a page from the DPRK playbook by launching on the same day as the meeting between the “two dictators”?

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But somebody told us "Japan doesn't spy on other countries"

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Wow look at all these haters.

Good to have satellites up and running as our future will be full of them. Hopefully JAXA can continue building up its technology.

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It's a spy satellite. No one is fooled by the sugar coated labelling.

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Funny, when other countries launch them the media calls them "missiles".

If its supposed to go boom, it's a missile, which is what that other country has been launching recently. You might remember when that other country attempted to launch satellites, it was called a rocket too.

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They can call it as they like, but's a surveillance satellite to monitor your whereabouts. It will happen worldwide. We can run...but we can't hide. NWO.

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JAXA has already made Japan a contender and achiever in the space exploration field. They brought back the first rock-samples back from an asteroid. Now they're expanding their program some more. Let them. Outer space is for everyone's use but it should not be for weapons. Ever.

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