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Japan launches intelligence satellite to monitor weather, N Korea


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Little kim must be thinking he should have never poked or provoked Japan.

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The weather, and North Korea. Two very unpredictable subjects.

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Monitor weather, wink wink!

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Expensive items so I hope it all works and benefits the nation.

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North Korea seems to be the puppet country used by China and Russia. "Intelligence Weather" satellite... let's believe it is for advanced weather forecast use, of course, any rumors that it has secret military capabilities are speculations.

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Sick photograph!

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We will be able to get updates on North Korean weather now-how enthralling!

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@Awa no Gaijin Loose slips sink ships! If the news media and the government wants you to tell you that is a satellite for weather than be it, but think about it or LOL about it. Do you really think the government is going to pay 62·6 billion yen to watch the weather? I know better than that, because they have other means that I have PERSONALLY touched to monitor weather, China, Russia and NK whilehint hint flying over Japan!!! Hint Hint GH, flies 24/7 over JP!!! Loose lips sink ships!!

Oh Japan ! Always late to the party. Iam not sure congratulations is in order. A radar satellite lol

How sophisticated I shouldn't laugh as its too sad to be funny. 62·6 billion yen. I doubt any amount of money could improve the terrible disaster response issues anyway. Cool photo tho.

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It's not Japans fault but there are massive amounts of space junk floating around the earth.

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I doubt any amount of money could improve the terrible disaster response issues anyway.

Most of the world greatly admires both the speed and efficiency of Japanese disaster responses and Japan's basic preparedness. Few places in the world have the seismic safety standards of Japan. Earthquakes that do little more in Japan than get a mention in the news level whole towns in much of the rest of the world. Give yourselves some credit for a change. Japan has much to admire.

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At least they're honest, I guess

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No satellite orbit is secret , because it catalog,so it would not confused with an incoming missile,even an amateur can locate their orbit,Red Star is Russian satellite that stalk other countries satellite,

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