Japan launches replacement spy satellite


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spy satellite replaced...move on? No changes no additional functions (?)

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No changes no additional functions (?)

Perhaps the agency would like to keep such specifics a secret.

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Aye they don't release the specs of spy satellites.

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I would bet the new satellite is equipped with radar jamming or ems emitting devices to jam up intruding planes, missiles and or signals...or even a laser to take out enemy satellites... who knows.

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Seeing as you generate more power riding your bicycle than a satellite can draw from its solar panels... I'm guessing there is no super laser, no death ray, no jamming devices.... just an eye in the sky.

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I remember the good old days when spy equipment was actually kept secret.

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M3m3m3m3m3. Basically Jamming doesnt need to be done by satellites. But radars draw alot of energy. Dont expect all its power comes from solar panels. Most likely a nuclear battery backed by solar.

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