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Japan launches rocket with robot for space station


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"Sending the android to space is part of a study aimed at seeing how a non-human companion can provide emotional support for people isolated over long periods."- WILSON!!

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“Kirobo will remember Mr Wakata’s face so it can recognize him when they reunite up in space,”

I doubt it.

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Interesting and amazing technology.

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That is pretty damn cool.

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The term is "artificial life-form"... not robot! A robot hands me a cola out of a vending machine. An ALF goes aboard the space station.

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keep records of its conversations with Wakata

Already set with a function to monitor human activity....

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What? The Japanese astronaut can't talk to his fellow astronauts for companionship? Sounds ridiculously lame, but it is still cool to check the interaction. But, hey, can't that be checked any day in Japan just about anywhere?

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What? The Japanese astronaut can't talk to his fellow astronauts for companionship? Sounds ridiculously lame

You hit a nail on a head. I guess that duties of the Commander of the ISS include much more serious tasks let alone day-by-day communication with other crewmembers. And when adult and skilled person plays with a cyber toy it looks out rather strange and perverted.....

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I want this robot. can I found it in the store?

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On further thought, this silly robot is a test case for the future, wherein we are all "identified" by our pet robots and "communicated" with. I predict this is the the beginning of our refrigerators etc. talking to us, etc.

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Another expression of immaturity if all it's aims are those stated, I do hope there is a real reason behind frivolous waste of weight and ultimate cost.

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I predict this is the the beginning of our refrigerators etc. talking to us, etc.

ROTFL. If a "smart refrigerator" begins to talk, he'll forget about his main function :-) Frankly, instead of that stupid cyber toy they should invent something really useful. For instance, a robot that could work in harsh conditions of a damaged nuclear reactor.....

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I don't know if this robot will be useful ro not, but when I watched this video http://video.repubblica.it/tecno-e-scienze/giappone-il-mini-robot-lanciato-nello-spazio/136840/135386 I thought he is damn cute. I couldn't avoid to think it, sorry for this silly comment. ^^"

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I thought Robonaut 2 was the first robot in the ISS. Though I don't believe says anything.

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What on earth does carrying a 'chatting companion' accomplish while patting yourself on the back for sending something to an INTERNATIONAL space station?

'The Robot is meant to respond as directed to a few things, to one person if he speaks clearly, and to alienate him from everyone else, but to push the electronics company. If the robot succeeds it might hand someone some tea. If asked in another language, it will simply promote the 2022 Olympics'

or something like that.

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This one did not learn from,caiaf's brain activity.

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being in the ISS must be a lonely experience for any Japanese, therefore the need for the robot. After this, market it for the millions of Japanese that live alone and are lonely (which is practically everyone).

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Any bets on how long it will be until this thing is stashed away in a storage locker? I'm guessing one or two weeks.

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For change USA had an Asian news. Kirobo. Anchor persons talked with excitement.

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This is a first step of a process. One day they will send only smart robots -not humans- into the space.

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"We would like to sell this technology to. ..the Middle East. " what !?

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Quote: Kirobo is programmed to communicate in Japanese and keep records of its conversations with Wakata...

He won't be able to say what he is really thinking then.

So what was the purpose of this thing again? Certainly not companionship if you have to watch what you say.

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Kirobo has cute mangalike ouside on its robot body. USA media says the name is hope robot.

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