Japan let ship operated by N Korea-linked firm go without probe


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This was stupid, but in no way undermines or lessens Japan's stance on South Korea and its export control violations. Two entirely separate issues, sorry folks.

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Judging by the number of comments on this story, either nobody cares or everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays... There have been previous instances of of allowing N Korean connected ships to stop in Naha. What was the purpose of the visit? Was anything on or off loaded? Were repairs made? Did the port authorities and the Coast Guard get caught without a clue? Hopefully, the journalists at "Japan Today" will find out the answers to these questions and publish the story.

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It was Japan's decision.

Why does the UN jump on the bandwagon

is it because of America.

Israel break UN sanctions at random.

but the Jewish pot lickers get away with it because of America.

America is needing pulled into line by the UN. and UN supporting countries.

It was only last year Israel wanted America to leave the membership of the UN and NATO.

The obvious reason, more money for the worst nation on earth.

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