Japan LGBTQ groups urge government to guarantee equality


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“It is important to take into consideration views among all levels of the public, legal actions related to same-sex marriage, and the extent of (alternative) partnership systems on municipal levels.”

...all levels of the public. Correct.

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Japan promotes policies to achieve an inclusive and diverse society, BUT whether to allow same-sex marriage requires careful consideration.

sounds like a case of DMB.... 'Definite-Maybe Syndrome'.... now there's a surpriise.

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Japan LGBTQ groups urge government to guarantee equality

Well, sadly now, they are going to fail, nothing here ever gets accomplished when anyone "urges" anything.

I have yet to see any "urges" put through by anyone, even Saint Abe, be successful, and all doomed to failure on the garbage heap of "urges"

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There already is equality. What's the qualm?

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Kishida doesn’t care about minority groups. Just printing money and being included at a table with western G7 leaders.

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I don't want to see disrespect or mistreatment of any kind whatsoever towards the Japanese LGBT community. But neither do I want to see their 'rights' taken to the extreme of some countries where biological men enter women's private spaces and sports, sexulised drag queen performances are done for children and minors are encouraged by teachers to transition behind thier parents backs.

That's why, as this article states, Japanese politicians are so reluctant to move on this issue.

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let me ask what equality you mean?

you have same rights as others to live here,work,pay taxes,do any job you like,believe in any god you want,talk any language you like,travel freely nationwide and abroad as same as others/.

what equality exactly you want?

do you want have some exceptions you wanna say just before you feel a different than rest of us?

or what?

LGBT olympics or something like that?

or LGBT political party?

on front of constitution we are all same equal and same law applies for everyone.

if you want make political party just do it,apply,get signatures,funds and get registered-no one is stopping you.

just go for it and show your real public support.

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LDP will use delay tactics calling for more discussion. After the troublesome foreign leaders leave after the conclusion of the G7 meeting in May they won't even return the calls of LGBT leaders.

What explains this kind of behavior? It's hard to conclude it's Confucian culture as the real outlier in East Asia is Taiwan which has legalized gay marriage .

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All citizens should enjoy equal rights. Equal means not less than others.

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Haven't they suffered enough?

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All citizens should enjoy equal rights. Equal means not less than others.

This is the case in Japan, Equal rights for all Japanese citizens.

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Would the anti-discrimination law protect non-citizens' rights too?

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There's already equality. What on earth is all this really about?

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nobody cares about LBTG issues except LGTB people

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I have never heard of LGBTQII+ people getting singled out, beaten and killed in Japan - as sometimes happens in places like the USA. They are safe and can live their lives very freely. Lots of gay bars and clubs in Japan.

So, what are the "protections" these people are asking for? I am puzzled.

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Japan is the only G7 country that does not recognize same-sex marriage or provide other equal rights protections for LGBTQ people.

Not difficult to understand. Same rights as heterosexual spouses. Wide range of issues. Child custody, parental rights, inheritance rights, and medical decision rights.

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