Japan looks at 2030 energy targets in shadow of Fukushima cleanup


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Sunshine, biomass, geothermal, micro hydro - plenty of resources to choose from. Without big buisness inerests to pander, which energy policies are best for the people would be easy -local, decentralised, clean and renewable.

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The government has declared nuclear power to be an important baseload source for electricity.....

But! Only if it is managed properly! They still have no permanent site for storage of nuclear waste and have not addressed the major safety flaws that caused the meltdowns in Fukushima. It's quite contrasting that, many other politicians had pleaded to make Jaoan nuclear-free by 2030 by utilising more renewable energy resources, but these right-wing goons keep pushing to get nuclear power back onto the mainstream electricity generation because their stone-headed mentality can't admit their mistake and won't let go of the billions of dollars invested in it. The one nuclear disaster in Fukushima will end up costing ten times the amount it cost to build all the reactors in the country. I don't mean to make this a 'hate speech', but they are idiots!

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More nuclear = less pollution, more money, and a healthier world.

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Sengoku38 - I'm not sure the residents of Fukushima would support such a naive statement.

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ifd66 and Disillusioned are both correct.

As a former Senior Engineer in Technical Services for Pacific Gas & Electric, I assure you we have made a Faustian Bargain with things nuclear.

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Nuclear no. Certified sustainable biocoal yes!

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All predictions and projections have to be reassessed due to the cut in oil prices that we are now experiencing. Lower production costs should be seen as an chance to kickstart a concerted effort to put solar panels on apartment blocks across Japan!

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