Japan looks to finalize nuclear reactor service extension by year-end


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in a bid to cut carbon emissions and ensure stable energy supplies threatened by Russia's war in Ukraine,

You mean in a bid to rescue their benefactors at TEPCO....

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The lifespan is not 60 years, but 40 max. There is a reason why there is lifespan. Japan should look at how many French reactors are closed because of cracks. This blame Russia thing is tripe. We could still buy Russian energy.

Also we have had over 10 years to make it mandatory for all homes and businesses to be powered by solar energy.

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Because the nuclear industry has everything sewn up tight, right? Reading "Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster"., by David Lochbaum, et al.

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There should be independent inspections by nuclear experts.

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Present Kishida regime, without even deliberation at the Diet despite risk endanger the lives or health of people, ​tries to extend lifetime of nuclear plants of Japan where huge earthquake often occur on the excuse of UK or France where huge earthquake don't occur.

Japan's LDP-nuclear industrial complex had been waiting for "chance" that back to "Safety Myth" era before March 2011 with crafty hindering expansion of next-gen power generating such as renewable energy during about decade.

They only prioritize benefit than safety on the pretext of energy crisis or climate issue.

Behavior of nuclear regulation agency who abandoned independency is same to one of causes of Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Japanese authorities ignored even age deterioration of nuclear plants of Japan.

Superannuated nuclear plants of Japan are not designed on the premise that using over 60 years, malfunction or failures have increased at plural Japanese nuclear plants that used over 30 years, seismic resistance of all nuclear plants in Japan are inferior to general houses.

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Don't forget to shut down GE's reactors. 

Its rubbish !

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Nukes are the only way to achieve any measure of carbon reduction. Should try building some of the newer and less potentially accident prone versions.

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