Japan looks to giant washer to clean Fukushima debris


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Ahh, quirky Japan.

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"The plan is a joint scheme between Tokyo-based construction company Toda Corp. and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency."

Scheme or scam? I guess it will be a bunch of years before we have a definitive answer.

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I'm thinking SCAM!

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It is estimated there are about 500,000 tons of debris within the danger zone (20 kilometer radius).

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It's more and more ridiculous. It seems like they have no plan of attack for this situation which seems to be worsening everyday.

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The government sure is thinking of a lot of creative ways to spend their budget money these days

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Don't laugh too soon. If it works, that's all that matters. At least they're thinking outside the box for a change.

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That's gonna take a lot of 100 yen coins to run

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First, will it be effective? And yes, how in hell will they be able to wash such a huge amount of debris. Could take years.

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How are they going to dry, do they need a super giant dryer

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..a cleaning plant will be built near the Fukushima Daiichi power station.

Isn't that kind of like putting the exit to a car wash right next to a spewing and tar pit? One it comes back out.....

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When I first read the headline, it looked like something from The Onion. On the surface, the giant washing machine' sounds pretty wacky, but hopefully it will help.

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Good luck with that.

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Remember this is the place where people traditionally sweep up leaves in the fall/autumn. More leaves cover the ground every time the wind blows, but out they go again. Morning after morning they are out there sweeping up leaves with little brooms, to Western eyes surely an excercise in futility.

Everyone seems happy, and the shrines and temples do actually appear clean. (Apart from a few scattered leaves...)

So if they are going to start feeding junk into a giant laundromat, then perhaps step by step we will eventually reach Rome.

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Now that going to take a lot of water. ???? what are they going to do with all that used water ?? I hope they have a good answer and a solution .

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Wow, a super-sized Maytag is going to solve all the contamination problems for Fukushima. How wonderful.

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I´d like to see that "washing machine".

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How about closing down all these stupid! dangerous! nuclear power plants in Fukushima!! Not idiotic hair brained ideas like this.

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Come to think about it...does do anything to solve the Dai Ichi Tepco nuclear power plant radiation mess??

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They'd better head over to Costco to get the huge boxes of Tide detergent, too...

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pipe the waste water to the west coast and dump it into the China sea as radioactive defense zone.

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The Japanese think that 'washing' radiation away will work?

There is a complete misunderstanding about the phenomenon

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By Jolly, I think they've got it. Brilliant idea!! A Giant Washing Machine, Gromit.

Introducing the Wash-O-Radio9000 Gromit. Our latest invention. Wallace - I've got patent pending of course.

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minello7Dec. 04, 2011 - 02:14PM JST

what are they going to do with all that used water

pump it in to the ocean of course, someone else can deal with it (it's the tepco motto i think)

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Just leave the junk where it is.

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So the garbage gets a new cleaner?

In an initial test they will use a tub 120 centimetres (four feet) long and plan to install multiple washing drums three times larger than that once the project fully launches, he said.

How long will it need to run to de-contaminate a single load? A ton? How much pure water and detergent would Japan need to stock up?

Will there be a waste water cleaner as well?

The possiblities are endless! But I do hope we get a functional washer soon.

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It may be cheaper to build a giant one way rocket to the sun and fill it up with as much debri as possible.

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You can also get rid of the debris by detonating a Neutron bomb over it.

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Government planners have said radiation-contaminated debris could be stored in a facility in Fukushima prefecture for at least 30 years until its final destination is determined.

Final destination? I am now nervous. How about using cesium consuming microbes? If that doesn't work then fire it towards a black hole star.

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