Manga artist Takao Saito, 'Golgo 13' creator, dies aged 84


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RIP to this legendary mangaka, your masterpiece golgo 13 will stay forever.

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Rest in Peace” Takao Saito. And, “Thank You” foe bringing a much-needed gritty, ‘realism’ to manga with gekika. The hyperbolic action was often derivative of popular Western themes but still, highly enjoyable.

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Golgo 13 is legend. R.I.P.

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"We plan to continue Golgo 13 in cooperation with his staff, in accordance with his wishes," it added.

Saito is now dead, but Golgo survives (and going on to shoot more!). Continuity is one of his achievements. Unlike Tezuka Osamu or other manga talents, Saito had been a producer and chief director rather than a comic artist. He made solo work manga become a relevant industry securing employment to many staffers. He reminds me of Stan Lee for Marvel Comics.

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Rest in piece. He is a legend.

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RIP, Golgo 13 is a masterpiece.

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