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Japan marks 12 years since quake-tsunami disaster


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I hope those who suffered the most and lost treasured loved ones have found a place of some peace.

Because of the internet and social media, this horrendous disaster was broadcast live. I can never forget the horrors of watching the tsunami coming and sweeping away people and homes.

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RIP to the victims

and to the survivors, family members and friends of the victims: my hope is that you can comfort each other (unity and togetherness creates strength) and find some peace.

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Really sorry for those people being politicized from time to time, ranging Olympics to defense spending



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Never forget.

From the man who continues to dive in search of the remains of his wife, to the lessons learned from a near nuclear catastrophe.

One learns to feel more empathy for the one suffering next to oneself.

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There never will be enough tears.

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I remember that day very well, holding my year and half old baby in my arms in my high-rise condo and listening to my cupboards falling over dishes crashing and smashing onto the floor. Everyday getting into long lines to get 2 bottles of water for my baby's formula and scrambling for diapers. It was really a surreal time and worrisome time.

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Finally! It only took a decade for them to stop calling it an anniversary.

A very sad day in Japanese history. I went up the coast in 2015 and the damage and devastation was still clearly visible.

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I remember watching the event/tradergey unfold on the breakfast TV here in the UK, boats being squashed and pushed under bridges, filthy water rushing up normaly calm rivers and a huge tidal surge smashing into little fishing villages and water rushing across fields, truly horrific.

12 years on from that faitful day, new houses, new rail way lines and roads, these have been replaced, but still there is heart ache for those loved ones that didnt come home. RIP

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Nothing can prevent an earthquake from happening. The Tohoku earthquake was 9.1 Mw.

 "It was the strongest to hit Japan and one of the top five largest earthquakes in the world since seismological record-keeping began. It was followed by a tsunami with waves of up to 40 m (130 ft) along the Sanriku coast."

The second most powerful tsunami ever to hit Japan. Max wave height 55m. The tsunami caused damage in 11 further countries.

04/24/1771   Earthquakes in Japan (Ryukyu Islands) with a magnitude of 7.4.   85.40 m

18,000 people plus lost their lives.

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It seems like it was only yesterday. Who can ever forget those horrible images?

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