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Japan marks 13 years since quake-tsunami triggered nuclear disaster


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Still amazed how many want to continue with nuclear power, given since 3/11/2011 all these reactors concrete and steel has continued to degrade every day.

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Still amazed how many want to continue with nuclear power, given since 3/11/2011 all these reactors concrete and steel has continued to degrade every day.

The nuclear power is the cleanest and cheapest energy source we have. Do you want to use coal and oil?

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My thoughts again today with those who lost family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and pets.

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The time has flown by. I hope this never happens again. Last night on the news they were at the tip of Chiba Prefecture showing how the entire city would be inundated with a tsunami. Be ready and know your route to safety.

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After 13 years, except ceremonial things, do Japan really learn?

Just check it what happened in Ishikawa.




Just minus additional disaster.


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Remembered the horror of the day.

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Remember not just the horrors of the disaster,but learn from the failures of the response to the aftermath.

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Prayers for the over 22,000 who sadly perished.

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prayers for the victims and their families, God bless Japan

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The nuclear power is the cleanest and cheapest energy source we have. Do you want to use coal and oil?

Many countries making heavy use of renewables, Germany now +50%, countries like Norway and Australia busy selling their fossil fuel-based energy while rapidly converting to clean renewables. Both will be +80% renewable electricity by 2030.

Problem with legacy nuclear in Japan, earthquakes. Daiichi, MOST expensive environmental disaster ever. Countries like France and South Korea, far less seismic activity, thus ok. Most believe next generation nuclear far safer vs. existing dangerous aging legacy reactors.

If Japan insists on nuclear, why not latest generation small modular reactors with far lower temps, no risk meltdown etc.? Penny Wise, Pound Foolish for Japan to continue to play "Russian Earthquake Roulette".

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Nothing was learned on March 11. That came later.

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Problem with legacy nuclear in Japan, earthquakes. 

No, the tsunami caused the damage, not the earthquake. On 11 March, the Fukushima reactors proved to be robust seismically.

If TEPCO had built the Fukushima nuclear plant on the Pacific-facing 35-meter bluff that existed beforehand, instead of first clearing away that bluff, the Fukushima meltdown would never have occurred. This was an engineering miscue for two purposes: (1) to build directly on bedrock (thought to be more earthquake-proof), and (2) to save on the cost of pumping cooling seawater up the 35-meter bluff.

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I remember that day like it was yesterday. A single mom, a foreigner, with a year old on the 11th floor condo with my place rocking like a cradle swinging fast with my cupboards crashing down and my dishes falling out and smashing all over the floor and my fridge rocking madly back and forth. All the while I was sitting in the middle of the living room holding my baby while he was crying and my neighbor from the 13th floor running down to check on us and swooshing his wife and baby and myself down the stairs and across the street to his father's real estate office.

Life after that was daunting for a few months, because there was no food in the stores because people ran out and took everything off the shelves and I mean everything. I had to stand in long ques each day just to buy bottled water for my baby's formula, and only mothers with babies got 2 bottles each time and thank goodness because my baby drank a lot of milk due to their large size.

Rounding up, even though I struggled through some moments I was one of the luckier ones, and my heart goes out to all those who suffered way more than I and to those who lost loved ones.

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Recent Japan's LDP regime who dislike to help citizen has cut off assistance for sufferers of nuclear disaster one after another despite man-made disaster that politics and corporation caused.

Besides, they completely ignores historical lesson from Fukushima nuclear disaster, prioritize to benefit economy circles than safety of citizen, thoughtlessly thrust very optimistic nuclear policy such as depending on low seismic resistance and superannuated nuclear plants. 

They and greedy nuclear industries are repeating also deceptive advertisements to fabricate "safety myth" of radioactivity.

Moreover, Japan's nuclear regulation agency of completely lost independency as same as before Fukushima disaster.

About 10 years ago, actually power supply in Japan is already enough without nuclear power. Restart of nuclear plants have only hindered to use or popularize renewable energy.

Japan's nuclear policy is just for defending vested interest of politics-industries complex during decades, all councils about electric power are farce with prepared conclusion beforehand, "scientific" is only exploited as pretence to deceive public. 

They will repeat nuclear disaster sooner or later, will repeat concealment or deception as ever, will continue to evade from responsibility as same as now.

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