Japan falls silent for tsunami victims


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I will pause at 2:46 to remember all those that died. It is a tragedy that should never be forgotten.

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One year passed already... My deep condolences to all people who lost relatives and friends in this terrible disaster. Let's hope that Japan will do its best in order to be able to withstand any other earthquake in the future. I think the first priority should be the establishment of high standards of safety in the existing nuclear plants around the country.

One thing that never stops to amaze me about this country, is the culture of volunteerism. There has been a great progress of recovery in the areas affected by the tsunami mainly because of the volunteers who arrived there after the disaster. Ladies and gentlemen, i tip my hat to you!

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Indeed it is Zichi. It's about remembering the 19,000 who lost their lives and thinking about the 350,000 who lost their homes.

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Yes, today is a day to spend with those you love, remember all the people who lost their lives today and those who lost souls precious to them.

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Lets sit back & look at all thats happened, wish for a better tomorrow each day for those affected most directly & be thankful for what many of us have, a great many of us could have been a LOT worse off starting a year ago.

And lets hope 3/11 makes Japan Inc, politicians, nagatacho get their collective butts in gear & start fixing so much that needs fixing, I really want to see that happen & prove all my dire thoughts wrong!

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where their souls will go?

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It's a very good day to be with your family and loved ones, friends. Back last year on 3/11 no one in that region would have woke up and thought that day would end up changing their lives forever in such a horrible way. We humans are so vulnerable to the wrath of mother nature. I always feel so grateful for what i have these days with me. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering for the folks up their. Prayers for better days to come for those folks.

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Souls?? Not too sure but be rest assured that even if we can not find the actual bodies of thousands and thousands of tsunami victims, their souls, their memories will be in our hearts for as long as we live. As for me, everyday I thank the Buddhists deities for protecting not only me but all of my family night and day, so as long as I am alive I want to have appreciation for all the wonderful things in my life, namely my wife and kids, so instead of getting down and negative about life and our certain deaths, I feel it is better to try to live every day to the fullest, we really do not know when will be on last day on this planet nor exactly what happens to our souls, so better to make the best of life. RIP victims of March 11th Tohoku earthquake and tsunamis

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If it was not a Sunday, then there would be little pause. 20,000 people dead a catastrophe But bet your boss would not give a hoot on a work day.

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If it was not a Sunday, then there would be little pause. 20,000 people dead a catastrophe But bet your boss would not give a hoot on a work day.

Well my the people at my company plan to do a moment of silence even though there is practically no one there today. We all need to take a moment. Remember those who passed, then be grateful for the lives we get to live

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If it was not a Sunday, then there would be little pause. 20,000 people dead a catastrophe But bet your boss would not give a hoot on a work day.

I completely disagree with this statement.

8 ( +11 / -3 )

CrickyMAR. 11, 2012 - 12:40PM JST If it was not a Sunday, then there would be little pause. 20,000 people dead a catastrophe But bet your boss would not give a hoot on a work day.

Cricky you must have a very mean and cold hearted boss. Most people are not like that.

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My boss will pause.

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R.I.P to the victims of 3/11 just did my moment of silence.

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Silence at the airport. Some tears. Sunday or not, people would have paid their respects and will continue to do so for years to come.

We haven't forgotten you Tohoku.

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Noda is speaking now. I am glad my town had the speakers announce the moment of one year ago. Cars even stopped.

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A moment of silence for those lost and those still suffering. A lifetime of remembering, and recovering, for all.

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I pray to God for Japan to flourish and prosper again as it always do. The strong loving people and the high spirit of the Japanese will always overcome. All the love for Japan and my deep condolences to the families who suffered. Love...Saudi Arabia

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I hope Japan recovers, as do the people here who have suffered. I also wanted to say I hope things improve in regards to alternative energy sources but that will only change if people act, and aside from the protestors, whom I applaud, it doesn't seem any changes are being made.

I wasn't watching the clock so unfortunately I didn't really notice that the time came and went to mark exactly one year, but still paused for a moment when I looked at the clock. RIP to all those lost, and my heart and hope goes out to all those they left behind.

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A year had passed,precisely at 14:46 I paused and I cried for the lives lost on that fateful day.

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Japan and the Japanese people are in the thoughts of the British people today.

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My greatest sympathies to the wonderful people of Japan.

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Today should be about respect and remembering. Pray for the families who lost everything and the ones who have never been found in this tragedy.

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My condolences to all those who lost loved ones. The Japanese people are resilient, and there is no question in my mind that as usual, they will come out of these difficult time much stronger just as they did many times before. I think that people in my country Tunisia can learn a lot from the way the Japanese come together to overcome adversity.

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Even if we could stop everything to pay respect to all of the victims of March 11th 2011, what really matters is what we hold in our hearts not if we have an evil boss etc..

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It was a noticeably quieter day today, lots of people in black, reminding me of just how many people may have been directly affected by losing a relative/friend/loved one. We were amongst the lucky ones, and watching TV today I was reminded of how much I have forgotten, and some of the heart rending stories of families that were torn apart. There were lovely stories amongst them, but the overriding theme was that no-one felt sorry for themselves - incredible bravery and courage. I felt very humbled.

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A horrible day that will haunt me for the rest of my days. I shed a lot of tears at 14:46. The sun was shining too this year and the world continued turning when everybody stopped here for a minute. My deepest condolences to all those who suffered and lost loved ones. My special thanks go out especially to our American tomodachis for their brave actions. They really outdid themselves.

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Very quiet day here in Sumida ku. People were doing their usual thing, but with an inward look, a somberness. At 2:46 I was at my local jinja. A few others, too. It was very quiet. Then, to the local grocery store, usually bustling. Zero customers. The yakitori stand was getting ready, but customers only came later. Streets of the shitamachi unusually empty. Everyone with a family or place to go or TV to watch coverage must have been inside. A reflective time.

On the Year Two. We can start to see the shape of the future, for good and ill.

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I will pass on the thumbs down to my boss, it's a year since 20,000 people ceased to exsist, I have been up there 3 times every time listened to unimaginable heart breaking stories, my point was there are people who just don't care, my boss was an example. I am not heartless just sensitive to those who are.

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I can't wait for the beautiful promise for the dead awaiting the chance to be alive again and in peaceful conditions with others. Reunited with family and never having to know pain and suffering again. I pray that god's kingdom will rectify the wrongs in the time to come. Hold strong Japan.

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Today was a day for remembering the dead, the missing and all the families and communities affected by the disaster that struck last year. I hope everyone in Japan fell silent at 14.46 and took the moment to reflect on last year and be thankful for life and family. Because you never know when tragedy could strike.

I still can't believe though a year has already passed. This is still fresh in my mind.

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I express my heart felt condolence to the victims of tsunami of 11th March,11.

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My deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart to all people of Japan... Words can not express all my feels.. So I will remain silent.

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I'll ever be remembering them, the great mankind loss, March 2011 tsunami victims! My condolences to their families, friends and the great nation of greatest patience, arts, sciences, technologies, Japan! God bless Japanese with great unity, love, cooperation, great success, prosperity and peace! Ever be proud Japanese, crossing the great natural disators, You have been donating our world developments, sciences, technologies and great lessons of highest patience of great souls! Thank You so much Japanese; this is our mother planet the earth, we have to love whatever and whenever it gives! My advice to my Japanese sisters and brothers not leave their fathersland Japan, BUT You have to study and learn the history of how your some grandfathers and grandmothers had been forced to leave Japan in the past, and travelled on foot or by boats to settle the two American continets! It wasn't an economical or political issues drove them there, but might be the continuations of the same great natural disators like tsunami! I think all the mankind have the equal and full rights in moving across the continents as our grandfathers and grandmothers did, let us to start to destory and cross those selfish political boarders, if some nations refuse there are many nations ever be happier to accept the idea with new governing and cooperative laws and rules. Those continuations of great loss of souls of professionals and trillions of major currencies of great assets and properties, it hasn't only been belonging to Japanese, but all do belong to the mankind and the world! Our grandfathers and grandmothers were more clever and cooperative in dealing and resettling in our planet the earth!

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I love Japan and the Japanese people so much! my hurt hurts for the wonderful Japanese people who have lost lives, homes, family, friends... may all the souls who died rest in peace, and may God help heal the hearts of their loved ones. Long live Japan.

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Love and best wishes to Japan!

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Through this tragedy, we are united and pray for courage ,hope and perseverance .May God Bless Japan and her beautiful people!!

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I could always remember the day that Japan was severely affected by the disaster on March 11th of last year, even from far away as here I was affected by the devastation that rocked the land of the rising sun, and the triple disaster which happened one right after another made my heart sink with sheer despair that nearly made me cry out. It was moments when I got up to turn on the television and watch the news on that day I was placed in agonizing shock at the footage of the sheer destruction, after which I did nothing more than to look on in utter disbelief. It was more than enough to make me become emotional about their loss both online as well as offline. If anything, it made me look inside and give to the relief effort that is still taking place. It hurts me to this day that the country that I have so much admiration as well as respect for in all aspects since I was a child would have to endure such a horrendous problem as this, which is why I am intent to show how japanese I really am, and persevere along with the Japanese in anything that I do here- Offline or online.

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