Emperor, empress lead tributes on 2nd anniversary of disaster


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Tsunami-hit communities are divided among those who want to rebuild on land that may have been in the family for generations and those who want to move their town to higher, safer ground.

And the obvious answer is?

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March 11,2011 will be one day that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I pray that the people who lost so many loved one's and had their lives destroyed hopefully, someday, find peace in their hearts.

(I also hope that the government here gets off their asses and get these people the help they need! As time goes by and less and less media focus on them people tend to think that things are getting better, but for many they are still living in hell. Get moving Abe!)

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I hope for just one day we can suspend the arguments over where and how to rebuild, whose fault it was, whether the government are lying or not, what should be done, etc etc, and simply pause for a while and remember the moment that thousands of men women and children were killed and countless others lives changed forever.

Lessons can and should be learned, but today is a today for remembrance. We all (some of us here) went through it together. We all survived. Perhaps for one day we can suspend the bickering and just appreciate the many things we all still have to live for.

RIP disaster victims and my thoughts today are with everyone affected bY the disaster.

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Some days it feels like yesterday,and some it feels so long ago, and because the of no pysical evidence in Tokyo on other days it feels like it never happend. I guess some politicians have a simmilar feeling to the latter, or have no vested interest in the outcome.

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staunchly pro-nuclear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the helm, analysts say it is likely just a matter of time before some units are fired up again.

...and that, my friends, is the biggest problem right there...The myth "Clean, Cheap and Safe" has been busted, but some people are so stubborn - especially where "big bucks" are concerned - I really fear for the future of Japan...

Help those people to get new lives instead of trying to start up these "killing machines" ! Your priorities are all in the wrong place, Abe-san... Get them out of your wallet !

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My prayers for all those affected by that fateful day 2 years ago. 3/11/2011 was marked by a tragedy that would take days and weeks to reveal itself, coupled by the failure of the fukushima power plant it was very traumatic. It changed the way we all live our live one way or another, if you live close by or not. It change the way we shop, the way we look at our beautiful coast line and the way we see nuclear power. The scenes that trickled out to the web in the first few days were nothing short of horrific. Personally that great tragedy will be forever remember by the rescue efforts, donations and the most selfless acts of kindness I have ever seen in Japan. It is easy to criticize the government (sure it is far from perfect), but great advances have been done specially in the infrastructure, something that mostly needs the national gov to get done. I think the consensus of a ideal way to locally rebuild does take more time. It is difficult to attain a mayoral public opinion on anything at all. I will always remember the reassuring words (even if sometimes misguided) from MR. Edano on tv, the truck loads of memorabilia and the cash filled safes turned into the makeshift police departments in the most affected areas. In the days and weeks following the tragedy the Japanese people made this nation proud.

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2 years already, time flies. And there is still so much work to be done.

March 11,2011 will be one day that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I pray that the people who lost so many loved one's and had their lives destroyed hopefully, someday, find peace in their hearts.

Very well said Yubaru.

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On 3.11.2011 the day of the 9.0 Mag Earthquake and Tsunami, many people pass away and some are still not found. Many babies were born on this day. My heart goes out to the ones born on that day up in Northern Japan. A total of 104 babies were born in Iwate, Fukushima, and Miyagi prefectures on that day. Each of these babies got an oak chair with engraved name of the child and a message wishing the...m strength in the future. They will always remember what happened from everyone in Japan on their birthday. Remember there is always hope for life. Lets have a moment of silence at 2:45 p.m. for Japan.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my son Lavon Asahi Williams born on 3.11.2011. You were born on this day but, it was the happiest day of my life. Mommy is sad your not a baby anymore but I'm looking forward of your future. Love you very much.

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Watching the National Geographic documentries over the weekend brought tears to my eyes (again). The devastation was horrific and still is. The thought of having everything you own washed away in a matter of minutes is something I can not ever imagine. We take for granted the treasure of the little things such as having photos to look back on and remember the past. What some of those up north would give just to have one photo of their family members or friends they lost in the tsunami.

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no pysical evidence in Tokyo

You need the correct instrument to find it but the evidence is there.

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In sum: Japan had an earthquake 2 years ago which didn't cause any immediate damage, but triggered a tsunami that caused catastrophic destruction and devastation, including hitting a COMPLETELY UNPREPARED, INCOMPETENTLY MANAGED, LAZY AND CORRUPTLY RUN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, which had FULL MELTDOWNS, although the Jgov tried to LIE and DOWNPLAY the SEVERITY of the CRISIS. Inevitably COUNTLESS TONS of TOXIC DEADLY RADIATION spewed and leaked UNCHECKED into the ocean and environment.

That's just one horror. The other horror is the tens of thousands who lost their lives in the great waves, and the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their homes and ARE STILL "without a permanent home, many in cramped temporary housing units." MEANWHILE, japan has squandered its money on electing a new fool for a prime minister EVERY YEAR, funneled disaster relief funds to the despicable whale hunt, thrown away resources in a childish island dispute with China, and now the new old fool thinks that japan "deserves" to host the 2020 Olympic games and plays the sympathy card... Who knows just how promising the next two years will be!

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You have not been forgotten. May God Bless You All!!

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough HELLO'S to get you through the final GOODBYE

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Rest in peace to those lives lost, and may those still recovering find stable lifestyles and peace of mind someday in the near future. I will always remember March 11.

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In a Tokyo cafe this morning I overheard one Japanese man saying to another that he lost his sister in the tsunami 2 years ago today.


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In credit of my Kizuna (BOND) Project experience, I would like to commend Japan’s immeasurable effort to restore a culture of bountiful tradition and advance technology and to bring back the light of beauty to Japan. This country had served to create bonds to make the world see how Japan is still “The Land of the Rising Sun”.

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We are now in the Age of Aquarius.

Expect to see major event unfolding this year. Nuclear energy is dead. Free energy is upon us. YouTube Keshe Foundation. It's here folks. Stay tuned.

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I would also personally like to know where the hundreds of millions of $$$$ in donations went to AND when the gov. is going to be held accountable for the budget (tax) money that was set aside for Tohoku but is going everywhere BUT there it seems.

Okinawa got something like 40 MILLION dollars out of the Tohoku reconstruction budget for ROAD construction. Now I know it's a long shot but is someone planning a stupid idea of a bridge from Okinawa to Kyushu and then Tohoku?

I mean let's be real......OKINAWA? Cripes pork, pork, pork, squeal piggy, pork pork, pork!

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My thoughts are for the victims and the people so strongly affected by the massive earthquake two years ago to the day! I was traveling in China at the time and still remember feeling great apprehension when I could not contact my family in the Tokyo/Yokohama area. And the great eeriness when I arrived back to Japan a few days later on an almost empty airplane and a seemingly deserted immigration area. I share my sentiments deeply with you all.

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figures show 315,196 people are still without a permanent home, many in cramped temporary housing units.

Complications associated with stressful living conditions have killed 2,303 survivors of the quake/tsunami, government figures show, while domestic violence and depression are increasingly noted as problems in some communities.

Shameful. I was still living in Japan at the time of the quake and remember vividly all the prognostications by people in the J-government, as well as many posters here on JT, about how the quake would be a "change-agent" for Japan and a chance of the country to once again display its legendary efficiency and re-build the Tohoku area better than it was. In short order. Instead, it has been a display for the whole world to see -- and trust me, the U.S. papers have been having articles every day this week about the situation there -- of legendary Japanese bureaucratic red-tape and inefficiency which has left the victims in the lurch while folks in Tokyo and the rest of the country, go on with their lives and waste money on things like PR for Tokyo SkyTree, instead of reconstruction. One figure this article conveniently leaves out is how much money has actually been paid by TEPCO to the victims/the number of claims settled. It is embarrasing. Nor does it mention the victims who have relocated who are shunned in their new communities because of an irrational fear of radiation exposure. Instead of pausing for a moment of silence at 2:46, the whole country should collectively look themselves in the mirror and realize how shabbily they have responded in the two years. But, don't worry, getting the 2020 Olmpic Games will solve everything, because that will lift all these poor folks' spirits.

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But, don't worry, getting the 2020 Olmpic Games will solve everything, because that will lift all these poor folks' spirits.

Olympic game does not solve anything. It is phony.. These victims need housings. That will left their spirits. If you are a cancer patient, you do not want to be treated with cold medications to feel better. I am just getting very angry because the government is not moving fast enough to help them.

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That is actually quite a well written article, for a change. The nuclear power debate will continue in Japan for many years, but as long as the conservative and some-what 'right wing' government has power the objections of the masses will be ignored. I wonder how many of these protestors voted for the Abe government? There are many companies in Japan working extremely hard to develop alternatives, especially geothermal, but their efforts are falling on deaf ears due to the amount of money invested in nuclear power, which only supplies 33% of Japan's power needs, yet one natural disaster has cost the country more than they have saved over the last 40 odd years of relying on nuclear power. You only need a basic knowledge of Japanese history over the last 500 years or so to understand how stone-headed the Japanese political psych is. I am pleased to see so many people barking about it now, but I fear it is too late and the block-head bureaucrats are just gonna flick it off as jargon.

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They and the rest of the nation will observe a moment of silence at 2:46 p.m., the number of death is quite high thus having a pause from doing everything and remembering or paying attention to this calamity would always reminds the Japanese government and society the importance of a tighter safety (with nucluear power stations) and a common effort to aid those who are still in jeopardy

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But, don't worry, getting the 2020 Olmpic Games will solve everything, because that will lift all these poor folks' spirits.

I could be wrong of course, but I'm under the impression "herefornow" was being sarcastic...

(I know I would be !)

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Restarting even one more npp would be a travesty and an affront to the future of Japan. Let's put our time, money, (and recognizing it is an imperfect world) graft, corruption, best and worst minds and politicians into sustainable, non-crazy renewable energy throughout Japan. Turn the lights down, create new jobs retrofitting all buildings with insulation and double/triple pane windows. Name the new windmills and solar panels after victims of 3.11, including those who died as a result of the terrible disruption to their own lives. All this would be a fitting memorial. Starting in about ten more minutes...

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They need proper compensation and support to rebuild their lives,” it said in a statement, urging Japan to phase out the nuclear industry

Two years have passed. Many are still homeless and unemployed. Some have lost everything and penniless. Abe is another George Bush who talks too much and do little. They neglected the victims. They are good in making crocodile tears. They have no real sympathy for the victims.

Making Olympic will make Japanese national pride. However those victims will be still hungry and frustrated.

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“I ask that the rest of the country, the rest of the Japanese people, become knowledgeable about radiation,” Fukushima Gov Yuhei Sato said on a special program on national broadcaster NHK.

That is all well and good to ask of us but people are smart enough to question official "truths". All this asking if us to be supportive would work better if someone, anyone, in an official position felt trustworthy. They don't. Also, if Yuhei Sato so desperately needs people to be im the know about radiation, it would be a good idea to set funds aside for educating your citizens.

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My deep condolence to the people who died and/or missing in 3/11/2011....GOD BLESS AND BANZAI JAPAN!!!!!

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My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have, and who continue, to suffer from this national tragedy. Not forgotten.

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Complications associated with stressful living conditions have killed 2,303 survivors of the quake-tsunami,

That's a shocking number to be banding about without any explanation. They're either directly attributable to the living conditions and a horrific number for after the disaster, or they're so debatable as to be misleading to mention. If someone has a heart attack living in cramped conditions you can't say they wouldn't have had it anyway, if that is the type of thing it's supposed to be referring to, but I have no idea if it is.

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My heartfelt prayers to a nation and people but please reach out and do what the gov't refuses to do and help those Japanese still living in squalor. Or help get them out of there. I donate to a NGO but there are many NGO's in the area who need help. Maybe find a cause and start your own. I don't get why cities haven't opened their arms to helping their fellow citizens move and recover. Two years! Too long

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today marks the 2nd anniversary of my resolution. May all the victims rest in peace

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My sincere condolences to those lost in the disaster and to those still suffering from the aftermath in so many ways. Two years is too long for the relatively little progress that has been made in rebuilding the affected area but more importantly in rebuilding the lives of the victims. It will take much longer, of course, to deal with the--largely avoidable, in hindsight--NPP situation in Fukushima. There is still little excuse for the party politics obstructionism that the LDP contributed to the delay in dealing with recovery and reconstruction in Tohoku.

Today is a good day for each of us to reflect, and if possible to resolve to do what we can to the extent of each of our abilities, to help the victims of a disaster that is, for them, a continuing one.

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It is very nice to see the Emperor and Empress visiting and honoring those who suffered from tsunami.

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My sympathys go out to all of thoes people who died. Followed by those displaced people who have no where to live and many more that need rehousing.

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My sympathy to all victims.

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Certainly my thoughts and prayers to the Victims and their families of this Horrific Disaster that hit Tohoku 2 Years Ago. Almost 3,000 Japanese are still missing.

When looking back on the Before & After Photos I can see some normalcy trying to return, but yet it still seems like a Flower Bed - with all the Flowers gone.

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I can't believe 2 years have already passed. RIP to every soul that was lost in this tragedy and my thoughts remain with the families left behind in the devastation.

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