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Japan marks 4th anniversary of quake-tsunami disaster


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A terrifying day, a sad day and appalling consequences on so many levels. Here's to more and more people hopefully finding a way to move on with their lives, situation and futures.

Be ready for the next one. Always be prepared.

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A full 40% of the article on the nuclear accident and precious little about the reconstruction of the communities north of Fukushima that were completely destroyed.

Come on, international media. Get it together.

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Pandabelle, that's been the story since day one. Sadly.

Comparatively speaking the deaths of 18000 people has received only tiny coverage compared to the nuclear accident.

As ever those who lost their lives and homes are in my thoughts. Never to be forgotten.

And don't forget to type 3.11 on yahoo today to continue to raise money for those that lost their homes. And their loved ones.

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My first and foremost thoughts have always been with the souls who lost their lives and the families and communities that were left devastated by this disaster.

I remembered to type in 3.11 on Yahoo today and I've also been promoting it to everyone I have on social media encouraging them to do so as well.

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Horrible day in history, and my heart goes out to all those lost and to those who lost people and/or their homes and livelihoods.

As to those criticising the choice to post a lot about the nuclear incident and ongoing problem, there are various reasons for it -- first and foremost to highlight a still ongoing problem, and one that involves massive human error and stupidity and the thousands still left homeless and struggling (and not receiving compensation) vs. all those lives lost in tragedy with the quake and subsequent tsunami. What's more, there are a multitude of threads and other media devoted to the stories of survivors and those surviving people who were lost. I'm not at all saying that the TEPCO mess deserves more media mention than said stories at all, but that is still ongoing and has a lot more details. As for why reconstruction isn't covered more, I can't say except that in doing so they would also have to point out that only 2% or so of what was promised to date has been completed, and that might not fare well. They would also have to contrast any reconstruction done with those still suffering, high suicide rates in the shelters, lack of government action, funds being prioritized for other contstruction such as Olympic venues, etc.

Anyway, I didn't come onto this thread to turn it into that kind of debate. Just wanted to say why I thought the article is as such.

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And all the poor animals. Always the forgotten ones.

The government couldn't care less about them.

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priority one is to get the survivors back to being part of the community.

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Human beings are excellent in remembering tragedies. When it comes to joint action, we fail miserably. Nature never sees border or colour nor it sees whether we are black or white. It does not care whether we are developed or developing or under developed.. Human beings fail because there is no global humanity and we are all divided by borders and languages.

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As a Japanese, this is also the day to remember we discovered how much "foreign" countries care to save people. Goo d will does exist in this quite political international "community". I especially like to thank US Forces in Japan and Taiwan, and also to all other countries, can't thank you enough. Those support were the corner stone upon which we could build hope that days. really.

USFJ operation to save people that days were really, really outstanding, I believe that was one of the highest, if not the one, of the act of military of the history of the world.

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jj 1106. Everyone, from ordinary middle-class american citizens, to corporate america contributed to 3/11 disaster/relief efforts. Thanks for recognizing that the US, was in fact, the main pillar (worldwide) providing assistance both militarily & financially to Japan's 3/11.

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Very sad day in history

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I live and work almost in the shadow of Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania. I was not living there when that disaster occurred, but I well remember the reactions and the fear of what might happen or did happen. I also remember watching the terrible scenes in Japan, as the disaster unfolded and its aftermath. So many who don't live right there or who don't have family/friends living in the country can look away, but I don't know how. This kind of disaster affects the world. The recovery is not over yet; I wish for that to continue, and that the people find the strength to carry on. Blessed Be.

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"smithinjapan" you forgot to mention the logistical support and housing that was offer by the first supporters and volunteers of second harvest in Saitama who worked tirelessly to get blankets & food moved north, and the large contingent of carpenters & plumbers recruited in Saitama

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Four years. Wow. Seems like just last summer...

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Sad reminder for people affected by the tremendous earthquake and tsunami; who need public housing in Fukushima Prefecture , of which unfortunately has huge delays.

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JT: Japan marks 4th anniversary of quake-tsunami disaster

Not descriptive enough.

Japan marks 4th anniversary of quake-tsunami-nuclear-power-plant disaster

Japanese government, having assumed loco parentis over TEPCO, should pay the refugees more than the $932/month I saw reported somewhere, not quibble over market value of properties, not quibble over size of evacuation zone, and give refugees option of relocating where they want, in like housing plus a large penalty for their trouble. Also shut down TEPCO.

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