Japan marks 75th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bomb


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What have we learned?

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Lets not forget what led to this bombing in the first place. Lesson learnt.

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The day that will REALLY live in infamy.

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May their souls rest in peace.

I pity those that will use this opportunity to engage in their hate and divisiveness. Have they no sense of decency?

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Abe made Japan and arms dealer nation, so don't think any lessons were learned.

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we have to make sure that nobody ( and I mean the whole world ) forgets what happened 75 years ago. I know I won’t. I have family from Hiroshima, my grandpa is a survivor ( one of the “ lucky “ ones but ... ), he was in the classroom at that moment and he got hit by glass ( flying at high speed ) in the face and body, from the windows. I wanna think that what happened that morning was ( truly ) evil, but a necessary evil, but it’s difficult.

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This show that people as a nation are strong and can recover from anything as long we are determined to rebuild. What doesn't kill you will only make you tougher. No matter what hit us in the future, we must look ahead and continue moving. The current virus is nothing. All these disasters that keep hitting us every year are nothing. We will stand strong and move forward.

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Truly one of the 2 most heinous things humans have ever done.

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"I don't know what weapons will be used to fight World War III, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

” —Albert Einstein” ―

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they targeted civilians indiscriminately 

Granted a lot of innocent civilians were killed but they were not indiscriminately targeted, both cities were significant military targets.

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We were very happy when the war ended. The regime before had grave responsibility they continued the war until the whole nation destroyed and sacrificed millions of people's lives. They continued the war knowing they are losing. The reason was.... I do not say but everybody knows.

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Alongside Japanese officials and the bomb survivors/families, a large majority of foreign representatives have also joined the annual ceremony. They include ones from the US or other nuke arms holders. Despite the virus concern & restrictions, representatives of 93 nations are scheduled to attend it today. The ceremony doesn't bother whether they are former allies or enemies

But oddly, the representatives of China and North Korea have always been absent despite annual invitations. I'm afraid such will go on this time. The two "loners" are also countries of global concern with regard to rapid militarization and adventurism...

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But in Japan, the attacks are widely regarded as war crimes because they targeted civilians indiscriminately and caused unprecedented destruction.

Excuse me? The author throws this out there as if it is a fact, yet there is no proof, outside of maybe a victims group or two, that actually professes this THEORY.

This is trying to make Japan the "victim" here, and that is whitewashing history.

The author should be ashamed for stating something they can not back up with any factual evidence to support it, that is historically referred to as "yellow journalism"

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A warning drop in the ocean or in Hokkaido would have been the honorable thing to do.

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America tested an atomic bomb on people, civilians at that.

If that is not a war crime, nothing is.

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Rest in Peace. Humanity will never forget the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims, and their memory is an inspiration for a world with no more nuclear weapons.

I am sure the USA truly regrets dropping these bombs, and will never resort to using these evil weapons on innocent people again. We all hope the other nuclear nations would also learn from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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What have we learned?

That Japanese consider themselves victims.

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The US army basically told the Japanese army:

If you don’t surrender we will incinerate your children, wives and grandparents.

Only a spineless coward would resort to such a despicable tactic.

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Japan did kill a 3 orders of magnitude more civilians than the a-bomb.

The blast was certainly a necessary evil.

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Fight war not wars, I have spoken to Japanese people who were at junior school at the time, they were being trained to charge tanks and machine guns armed with bamboo spears? The madness had to stop. Regrettably it took a level up of madness to make that happen. Fight war not wars.

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Bamboo spears!

So you feel it was necessary to nuke hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children because of schoolchildren with bamboo sticks. I see.....

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This should be a time for introspection in Japan. Look in the mirror and ask why it happened. Japan invaded neighboring countries, started a war with a sneak attack, and millions died because of it. Japan were the aggressors. Don’t start a war.

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wars are mankinds most creation

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worst creation

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Hindsight is 20/20, and please refrain from talking about "honor" when Japan could have "honorably" surrendered long before Hiroshima or Nagasaki happened.

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Excuse me? The author throws this out there as if it is a fact, yet there is no proof, outside of maybe a victims group or two, that actually professes this THEORY.

The most horrific thing about the quote was the "In Japan" part, as if no one outside of Japan thinks the mass murder of noncombatant, unarmed, undefended civilians is a war crime.

Clearly it is a war crime. The rules of war and even the most basic morality are very clear about this. You don't burn down a city block where hundreds of innocent people live because there is one rapist living there. Obviously. Its not a "theory". Its a fact. Only those in deep psychological denial cannot see it.

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Hindsight....another excuse....don’t want to get bombed, don’t want war dead, don’t start a war.

Yes, the non-military innocent civilians of Hiroshima shouldn't have started a war. It serves them right that they got vaporized, right?

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