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Japan may consider South China Sea patrols


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Abe and his party should just quit sugar coating and come out with the real intent of Imperialism. In other words to bring to the forefront the old Japan system that exists in the shadows and the Emperor back on the throne. Build on the Senkakus and increase military presence on its outer reaching borders. The people won't even know or oppose since most wont even pay attention or even care about what the Diet and Abe are doing to begin with. The media will report after the fact like this story and so Abe can pretty much do what he wants to in the first place.

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Japan needs to remain a pacifist nation. We should learn the lessons of he past and never engage in war again. Our nations troubles come from getting involved in wars.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pushed for what he calls a normalisation of the officially pacifist nation’s military posture.

Sabre-rattling and gunboat diplomacy are not "normal".

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Perhaps Hitler's name should be enshrined in Yasukuni so Abe can pay him a special respect along with his soul mate Class A War Criminals!

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and the Emperor back on the throne.

That might not be a totally bad thing. The current monarchs of Japan are peace-loving, and if the Emperor has absolute power today, the first thing he might do is put Abe behind bars.

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The only country guilty of acting in tune with "Imperialism" is China. Japan's willingness to join the free nations which object to China's expansionism is welcomed by the world.

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Japan has been asked for those patrols

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kiyoshiMukai the Americans need to do their own dirty work.

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Welcome Japan to conduct naval patrols not only in the East China Sea but also the South China Sea to ensure no harassment by the Chinese Navy & Coast Guard. South East Asian waters Joint naval patrols with the US, Philippines, Vietnam and other interested nations would be highly favorable. This is NOT to contain China but to show UNITY against bullying & aggression.

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“Once the relations are normalised on political levels, I believe movements will emerge on our (military) levels,” Kawano was quoted as saying."

Won't happen unless Japan admits and reiterates past apologies for what it's done to the sex slaves and other atrocities in the past. With Abe's big revisionist speech just around the corner there isn't going to be a 'once the relations are normalized', and Japan's never going to get THOSE islands back in that dispute, so I hope Kawano isn't banking on this for defense. Japan doesn't need to do these patrols, and since asked they have the ability to kindly remind others that it is not within their Constitution to do so. Abe doesn't want this. He wants to go out and flex his muscles... hiding behind the US, of course, and hope that everyone backs him up (which no one does). This is just asking for trouble and further increasing tensions -- which Abe of course wants so that he can push ahead his personal agenda and Imperialism.

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Smithinjapan: I agree, Abe "flexing" his muscles can only lead to big blowback. People also forget that the fact USA etc. are not stopping China in any concrete way shows that, as Obama said, China's claims do have some legitimacy. And China was not the first to initiate the ADZ concept, nor does China places its military hardware near USA to contain it nor does China antagonize other nations with sanctions and military intervention etc. All the tensions and noise are from Japan, Aquino, Vietnam (and barking the USA to help lead them, which won't happen, as USA is itself trying to have better ties with CHina and making her happy but keeping the situation stable). THese useless patrols will only end up in provoking a response, and as I said before, will Abe and Aquino (and USA) have the stomach to finish what they start? And the islands are already a done deal, so why are only these nations making noise at this very late stage? THe world is not stoppng China's claims, and in fact, joining China as freedom-loving nations to cooperate on everything as China is becoming more and more depended on by so many countries for their own future, including the USA (and Japan, but too arrogant to admit it).

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"considering" ?! Japan has already deployed a P-3C Orion to participate in a "drill" in the Spratly Islands. And that news is already 4 days old.

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Title updated: China’s military may join Russian forces on patrol the waters surrounding Japan.

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