Japan may deploy military equipment near disputed isles


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Good idea. It's been used for a training facility for commercial airlines.

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"disputed isles"?

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They better do so quickly, otherwise theyll suddenly find themselves with Chinese occupiers on the islands, like VIetnam and the Philippines did.

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Actually the islands are not disputed. The world recognizes the belong to Japan but China is making phony claims to steal them. Japan has all the right to protect their isles from theives

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"The world recognises they belong to Japan" who exactly is this "world" you refer too?

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Permanently stationing F-15s would be seen as an escalation. I fully support Japan's claim, but this should only be undertaken as a last resort.

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Those Chinese non military aircraft, were sent to test Japanese security. That's just my opinion.

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please china give it to japan that small island and the philippines , anyway you have very big land , share it them

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I feel it is important that JP enforce its territorial rights for its self and to show China it can not bully JP and other Asian countries.

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PS I would not like to see any country or part of it become another Tibet

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Now this would be a worthy construction job. Build it now!

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DISPUTED ISLES? Is it a stand a Japan based (online) newspaper takes regarding the issue? Hatoyama used the same term: "係争" when talking to Chinese; a government official expressed his feelings of smelling "a traitor to his own country". Technically, however, the official might not be fully correct: Blood is thicker than water. Before checking the nationality of Hatoyama's ancient ancestry, no body knows which "country" he refers to.

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Government must advise Japanese Companies to leave Communist China before deploying military equipments on Shimoji Shima.

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Please do deploy. It's about time that Japan got over the WWII guilt and took it's place in this world as the great power it is.

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It is stop the Communists now or latter and losing these islands would harm our defense. We need to not only put radar but defensive missiles.

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good! also learn to shoot first then ask question later!

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