Japan most Googled travel destination for Aussies


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So somebody is watching and recording what you google?

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What kind of a govt does that these days!?

The Chinese government

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Close by, Safe, plenty of night life and summer events, and now to top it all, it's Cheap.

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When Australians see all the face masking and "magic" plastic partitions and curtaining, they will select another, more congenial country to enjoy. Come on, Japan. Stop this nonsense.

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When Australians see all the face masking and "magic" plastic partitions and curtaining, they will select another, more congenial country to enjoy.

The thing is the partititons never stopped jack. Neither do temp checks/hand sanitizer. It's wild, yet you can't argue or negotiate with the partimer brainwashed staff. You're right, Aussies are gonna be pissed. They're gonna be turned away in droves after they refuse to follow these "rules".

It is actually ridiculous.

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I really hope Japan doesn't get ruined like Bali and Thailand. Quantity doesn't make quality

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Well... flying to Europe is about twice as expensive as flying to Japan, and the FX rate for Japan being weak, makes it rather an attractive place to visit... so it's a no brainer really.

For example back in October 2020 you'd only get 75 JPY for 1 AUD, now you get 93 JPY ... nearly a 25% increase in JPY for AUD. And compared to GBP / EUR there's not that much of a change.

Heading to HK is not a good option for Aussies, given the current Political fuss between Australia and China.

Thailand, is currently off-season, and quite wet at the moment, Singapore is boring, and both Countries FX rates are unfavorable.

So were I an Aussie, looking for a place to visit outside of Australia, I'd be choosing Japan - there's so much to see this time of year. I hope the Japan government is in overdrive now, selling the benefits of visiting here to the Aussies...

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As for the COVID precautions here in Japan, I think the Aussies will enjoy it somewhat, as it's rather cute the way the Japanese Politely go about this. Those who say otherwise, are probably referring to China...

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And in their droves they will come, masks or otherwise. It’s cheap, plenty of snow on the way. There is barely a seat left between now and the end of the year available. More flights reinstated from the end of October.

90% will comply with mask requests as those that want to travel will be in the middle to upper income bracket and are more level headed to start with.

I am flying to London next week and out of a 64 seat business cabin, 4 seats remain on the outbound and 3 on my return. As I said above having to wear masks will not put people off when they lived in countries they had to endure extreme lockdowns like Australia and the UK….and we had none. It is naïve to think otherwise.

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When Australians see all the face masking and "magic" plastic partitions and curtaining, they will select another, more congenial country to enjoy. Come on, Japan. Stop this nonsense.

True for the the partitions and curtains. But when it comes to masks, according to what I have seen the past few days , tourists basically do not wear them (at least non Asian tourists). And Japanese do not seem to worry too much about it (actually many are probably envious and wish they could go maskless as well!. But the social pressure to do as other people do is just too strong in this country.

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Ana & jal want 27man return to aust. From aust it’s almost half the price for them. What’s the diff? Guess they don’t want any customers from here. Only explaination

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And ?….

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Japan is the most searched travel destination by Australians on Google, according to data released by the internet search giant on Wednesday to mark two decades in Australia.

What's wrong with Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

All are closer, easier to navigate, cheaper.

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It could not be otherwise, very well for Japan, soon the tourists will return to lift the country's economy..

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@painkiller : er... Snow to start with.

Ever been on the Shink to Nagano during the winter months? Get on some trains and you could almost BE in Australia (pre Pandemic)

Indonesia is like going to Hawaii for the Japanese. Singapore as I suspect you well know really is just a short stay break for most people. Malaysia, yes nice, but it's not really considered a once in a lifetime OR a long haul destination by the Australians. And whilst it does have plenty of culture and is a beautiful country if you travel around it is at the end of the day just more hot weather and not exactly renowned for its food.

Sure you'll come back with a smart answer.

@Bobo. It's called dynamic booking. JAL and ANA are not setting fares to prevent people from here visiting there. Sorry, but your 'only' explanation is quite incorrect.

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One of the most googled countries in the world..

Like it or not..

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Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate!!

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That’s why I don’t use Google as a search engine.,,

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I hope these Aussies googled JR East's new baggage rules, else there will be a lot of oversized suit cases left behind or abandoned, not to mention a lot of unbooked ¥1000 fees for compliant luggage.

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The bitterness makes me chuckle!

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Patrica: Australian have never had a problem with mask wearing. There is no mandate but at lease over 50% of Australian shoppers are still wearing mask. I went shopping this morning and curious about your statement so I counted mask wearer and non mask, 33 to 29 over 50% I shop everyday and this seem the average. 29 counted were of younger age under 40 with the odd one or two over 40. Come on Patrica stop this nonsense.

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Japan was not a popular place to travel to for Australians 20 years ago. This was because of the expense. Since Japan has become much more affordable, Japan has become an attractive place to travel to. I think it is mainly the younger crowd. The older and middle age Australians tend to prefer Bali Thailand Singapore.

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