Japan moves up launch of anti-terrorism unit


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We do not plan any activity deemed illegal,” he said.

Said with a straight face by a government whose very existence has been deemed unconstitutional (illegal) by the Japanese Supreme Court.

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"Counterterrorism Unit-Japan" ...

To remind them who they work for?? Or so the staff can get those cool navy windbreakers with "CTU-JAPAN" emblazoned across the back? Someone's been watching too much "24"...

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Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

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"Counterterrorism Unit-Japan"

Why do they need "Japan" tagged on the end?

Or…. just come up with a cool friendly English name like the "My number"

How about… "Bad guy look-see unit"

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Think Abe and his cronies are afraid of the oba-sans on Okinawa.

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George Orwell wrote that "The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is... to keep the very structure of society intact."

All these recent moves on security and anti-terrorism is a sign that the ruling class fears the subjects are restless and not willing to put up with the huge contradictions of capital and capitalism and the authority's radical and oppressive measures to address these contradictions (such as ever-growing inequality, the push for endless growth on a finite planet, alienation, etc.).

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I feel safe already!

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But "Japan doesn't spy on other countries"

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They can name it anything they want & not a moment too soon as far as i'm concerned!

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"They can name it anything they want & not a moment too soon as far as i'm concerned!"

Then, you'd feel very safe in prison.

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This should be expected of a developed country, especially after the country was "called out" by ISIS in their magazine as a potential target. Being the hosts of the Olympics should also be another reason to start working with different agencies to protect against a potential attack.

If something were to happen, most of the same people here complaining about this would be the first ones to condemn Japan for not having intelligence services. Whether or not you like what intel services are doing in the wake of the Snowden leak, they are actively protecting their home countries from terror attacks.

@YuriOtani, What in the world does this have to do with anyone in Okinawa? Not every little thing that happens in Japan has to be traced back to Okinawa so that you can link it to how Okinawans have been dealt such a bad hand. Is this not trolling, in bringing up irrelevant information on a topic just to get a response?

If you were so for the fight to get the U.S. out of Okinawa and stop the Henoko construction, I would think you would come back to Okinawa instead of living in the country you seem so dead set against.

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Six to seven on here will be employed in the anti-terrorism intelligence unit . Woope !

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Really want to prevent terrorism in Japan? Then keep article 9 the way it is and don't get your troops involved overseas. Sending your people over to the Middle East to fight is the number one way to get terrorism on your own soil. That and aiding and abetting countries which go and bomb the Middle East.

Japan has been great so far with regards to international terrorism. It's had none of it. The best thing to do is keep your nose clean, don't get involved in outside problems, and don't disenfranchise foreigners in your own country.

However my Spidey senses are tingling in. I have a feeling that this task force has been set up to make life more miserable for the average foreigner in Japan.

Moderator: Please repost without the last sentence which is both offensive and incorrect.

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And how can a terrorist attack be prevented ? The Americans with arguably the most efficient and far reaching intelligence services cannot do so.Israel which is a military state with all citizens serving in the military cannot do so. The British with long experience in Northern Ireland have failed to do so! It is clear that governments cannot be tasked to protect us-we need to protect ourselves

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